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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DIRT Is Flying Again!

If you recall, I have written about DIRT before in Roland Hansen Commentary. If you do not recall, you may review those previous commentaries by clicking the following embedded links:
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While the DIRT composition and DIRT players may vary from time to time, it is DIRT none-the-less. Well, it appears that this time the DIRT is flying again in Toledo municipal government. Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner, aka Carty Finkbeiner, has sent another letter chastising Toledo City Council. Well, the DIRT flew right back into the face of the Mayor.

Hey, I cannot help it if you haven't already read the latest Toledo daily newspaper article. But, I can help you by linking to the article so you can read it now. Go on, be informed, read Mayor shares blame for political feud, Toledo council trio says by Ignazio Messina, Blade Staff Writer.

Gee, I cannot help but wonder if any of the players in DIRT have taken any seminars or other specialized educational training in communications skills.

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Tim Higgins said...


As someone who uses words and writing as tools to an end, it must disappoint and embarrass you to see such poor examples of the written word. That it comes from someone alleged to be a local college graduate makes it all the more disappointing.

I will not speak to the content of this nonsense, as there is little laudable behavior to go around. It appears obvious that no one knows how to play nice in the sandbox. Instead, I will simply mourn the days of literate politicians and cogent and cohesive political argument. Perhaps now it is only here in the blogosphere that such things can occur.