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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lindsay Webb: The Subject of Trust and the Erie Street Market

Lindsay Webb is the elected Toledo city council representative for the district in which I reside. In the past, I have made complimentary remarks regarding Lindsay Webb and I have expressed some concerns about the councilmanic actions of Lindsay Webb. I shall continue to monitor her words, her actions, and her deeds as an elected official: and, I shall continue to make entries in Roland Hansen Commentary regarding her performance as an elected member of Toledo City Council as I perceive the need.

Today is one of those times.

I believe that Lindsay Webb hit the nail on the head with the comments attributed to her in the Blade article Toledo City Council grills city staff, promoter. There is, however, one comment with which I do not agree and that concerns the change in the City Charter as suggested by Ms. Webb. The City Charter of Toledo is such a hodge-podge as it is now; I'd rather we only revise that charter when absolutely necessary. Additionally, it seems cumbersome to make changes to the charter every time there is disagreement with a particular city administrative action, especially when there is a regular changeover scheduled in the CEO of the city administration (read that as Mayor for the present time) through the election process. Click on the embedded link contained within the title of that article and read the entire story and the words of attributed to Lindsay Webb.

I strongly believe in governmental responsibility, responsiveness, and accountability. I sincerely hope that Lindsay Webb continues on the path of advocating and practicing truth, openness, and honesty in the public service. That is what we citizens need; and, that is what we citizens deserve. Nothing less than that is acceptable.


Tim Higgins said...


I couldn't agree more with you. Changes in things like the City Charter should be approcahed slowly, intelligently, and as seldom as is humanly possible. Council should not use the document for control of an official abusing the system. Changing the amount of the Mayor's discretionary fund to $2,500 could cripple the city's ability to function normally.

As for the abuse committed in the name of the ESM, if someone was serious about this, the first thing that would happen is censure of the mayor for circumventing the letter and spirit of the law. The second would be a strict accounting of the use of this fund by council on a weekly basis.

When you have a misbehaving child, you watch them more closely.

Roland Hansen said...

There are days when I wonder how many voters truly follow the words and actions of our elected officials. Probably not very many.
Furthermore, I suspect the percentage of the citizenry (not just voters) who do so is extremely small.
Is it no wonder that we have the quality of elected officials and government that exist? And, is it not surprising that it is not uncommon for incumbents to be re-elected regardless of the same-old-same-old BS day after day after day?

Roland Hansen said...

Pot, kettle, black - anyone?
Remember this?
What does that tell you about the subject of trust and Lindsay Webb?
Well, maybe, things have changed.