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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Democratic National Convention: Edwards Out, Clintons In

With the big news about John Edwards having an extramarital affair, it seems that he will not be at the Democratic National Convention. The word about keynote speakers at the Democratic National Convention is in the Reuters blogs entry with the headline "Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton to open Democratic convention" but it is being reported that while Bill Clinton will be speaking at the convention he will not be introducing Hillary Clinton. The job of introducing Hillary Clinton lies with yet another woman as reported in the article by Thomas M. DeFrank, Daily News Washington Bureau Chief.
Click the embedded links to read those stories.
What was that movie with Woody Harrelson? Oh yeah, now I remember: White Men Can't Jump.
I guess it's up to the Republican National Convention to provide equal opportunities for white males to be keynote speakers.
On the other hand, there is another woman who has something to say about all this and she makes prejudicial remarks about older men and also speaks of another female as a possible Vice President. Hear it all for yourself by clicking here.
Over the past couple decades, I have often heard white men make remarks that some day there will be no opportunities left for white males. Could that day be now?
That does not necessarily reflect my own thinking, but I have heard many white men reflect on that, especially in regards to this year's presidential election. It seems no one wants to say it out loud and no one really wants to discuss it because, after all, that is a 'racist' and a politically incorrect topic. None-the-less, it does give "food for thought" if we are to be honest and if we are curious as to what is really being said out there on the street.


Tim Higgins said...


I wonder if anyone will be able to hear the speakers at the Democratic Convention. If they go as green as they want to, the power will be all but off and they may be reduced to a battery operated megaphone.

As for the Republicans, I suspect that they may have a few people speaking that aren't old white guys, as that is the politically correct thing to do is. (Besides they have a few rising stars of their own in this category).

I will be boycotting the coverage of both conventions, having worn out by BS deflector in this year's campaign. Please let me know when all of the self-serving pontification is over.

Ben said...

I am sorry to report I saw something on the news about all the absurd energy saving things the Republicans are doing at their convention. Not quite to the Dems level, however.

Tim Higgins said...


Well it appears that Gov Warner will be giving the keynote address, which leads one to believe that he is out of the running for VP. It strikes me as funny though that Edwards gets thrown under the bus for an affair, while former Pres. Clinton gets a role front and center.

It amazes and saddens me that the Democratic party is counting on the short memory of the American people. That their assessment is undoubtedly correct is even more disappointing.

Roland Hansen said...

Some people have basically proclaimed "The Democratic National Convention is about sex. That's clear as black and white."
I respectfully disagree with that proclamation.