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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ohio: Lucas County Republican Party Scores Zero OR JS x 2 = Jan Scotland + Jon Stainbrook = 0

I read "GOP Stupidity" over at Judy's Jewels with interest and a sudden urge to make a Roland Hansen Commentary.

What's all the fuss about the Lucas County Republican Party? I don't understand. It just seems to me that the Lucas County GOP has nothing (or is that no one) to offer.

It is my understanding that the Judy's Jewels entry was fueled by this news item about Jan Scotland not being on the fall ballot because of Jon Stainbrook.

You know, there are a lot of people who are critical of Jon Stainbrook, Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party, for not doing what was necessary to have Jan Scotland appear on the ballot as a replacement for Joe Pellman, a previous Republican candidate who had filed to run for Lucas County Commissioner but apparently had no intention to really seek election. The games people play, or at least the Lucas County Republican Party, are always interesting.

The news of the Lucas County Republican Party giving the nod to Jan Scotland caused a bit of flack in the electronic commentary world both at SwampBubbles and at Glass City Jungle. On another front, there was a very nice Toledo Journal Jan Scotland article concerning the candidacy of Jan Scotland.

Now, the latest news about the as-of-now non-candidacy of Jan Scotland for Lucas County Commissioner has brought out not only some honest and sincere political pundits but also all kinds of worms from under the rocks with allegations of the ineptness of Jon Stainbrook, a variety of conspiracy theories, and so on and so forth. You can read the comments on two Glass City Jungle threads:
Breaking News: Jan Scotland will not be on November Ballot
More on the Lucas County Republican Party and the Scotland saga...

Not to absolve the Lucas County Republican Party or its Chairman Jon Stainbrook from any responsibility in this fiasco, but I do have a question. Does not the was-to-be-candidate Jan Scotland also bear some responsibility? After all, it is Jan Scotland who was to be the candidate for Lucas County Commissioner. It would appear to me that, Mr. Scotland should have been a bit more astute, complete, and thorough about his own candidacy. Given Jan Scotland's apparent lack of dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s, I cannot help but wonder if he would bring that same type of "neglect of detail" approach to the position of Lucas County Commissioner.

The Toledo Journal article that is linked above contains this statement attributed to Jan Scotland: "Half of the game in politics is gaining support," he added. "The other half is not having anybody aggressively fight against you."
Roland Hansen says that in order to be a candidate for elective office, you need to first attend to the technicalities, minor things such as assuring the necessary paperwork to have your name appear on the ballot is properly submitted. Otherwise, there is no game to play.


Hooda Thunkit said...


"What's all the fuss about the Lucas County Republican Party? I don't understand. It just seems to me that the Lucas County GOP has nothing (or is that no one) to offer."

What Lucas County Republican Party?

Surely you're not referring that motley crew of unlikely members that "the Stained Stain" have brought to the table...

And yes, Jan does bear some responsibility, but I'm sure that "The Stained Stain" told Jan, "just leave everything to me."

So much for "R" leadership in Toledo/Lucas Co.

Unbelievable. . .

Tim Higgins said...


Given the lack of personal, and perhaps fiscal responsibility shown by Mr. Scotland, it's possible that Mr. Stainbrook inadvertantly helped Lucas County.

On the other hand Art, one of the regular callers into WSPD, made a comment I find extremely appropriate regarding Mr. Stainbrook's leadership:

"If you're going to be the coach, you better know the rules."

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for your comments, Hooda Thunkit and Tim Higgins.

I see the comments on GCJ just keep pouring in on this topic going back and forth, back and forth. Some of the folks over there who comment never cease to amaze me.

CarnotCyc said...


You and I have been friends for many years.

I would like to add to this blog simply because the election of Mr. Stainbrook is something that the party never should have let happen. I blame them for allowing our county to become a mockery!!!! When I picked up the City Paper and was reading it, I think that smoke must have been coming out of my ears. How could anyone let this happen? Did we all forget who Mr. Stainbrook is and that he has this ability to motivate people to do things for him? He has an "axe to grind" with the party and that is for sure. I cannot believe that Mr. Haynam, Mr. Reichert and the rest of the "Republican Guard" didn't do anything to avert this situation. I guess they deserved what they got, now look at the situation we are in.

You know, everyone seems to forget the history of Mr. Stainbrook. He was essentially "thrown out" of the party by the party faithful after his failed attempt to run against his then boss Mr. Kaczala for Lucas County Auditor. It is his right in this country to run for any office for which he is qualified, but you and I both know that there is a pecking order in the party. You can be a bit of a maverick, but you still need to stay within certain parameters. When Mr. Stainbrook chose to run against Mr. Kaczala, he knew that he was done in the party.

Mr. Stainbrook has a very "Stained" past. He did work very hard to get enough supporters to elect him as the party chairman, no one can say that he didn't, but I have known him for many years and he is a very angry, mean and spiteful person. Jan has been a large supporter of the party for many years and I can't help but wonder if Jon Stainbrook didn't do this on purpose. I have a hard time believing that Jon didn't "know the rules". Jon is not a political novice, he has put in 1000s of hours working on campaigns and for the party.

Mr. Stainbrook acts as if we Republicans are snobby and unaccepting of people that are different from us. He paints the picture that he is somehow an underdog and that he is from modest means. Well, Jon, we all know that is not the case.

I openly accept anyone into the party as long as they share the beliefs of the party. The problem that I, and most other Republicans have, is that many of the people serving on Central Committee in no way even understand the party platform let alone work to advance it. Now, I am not talking about everyone that Jon got to run, there are some "true" Republicans like Lynn Koepfer. I seem to remember her Mother being relatively active in the party.

Well, this is a democracy and in less than two years maybe we can get our party back, possibly, but until then, this is what it is and we have to accept it, sadly.