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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lindsay Webb: Toledo City Council Member Weds in Las Vegas

Congratulations are extended to Lindsay Webb, Toledo City Councilwoman, 6th District, who recently wed Robert Carter.

Apparently, the councilwoman chose not to get married in Toledo, Ohio. Instead, she chose Las Vegas, Nevada as the location for the nuptials rather than the City of Toledo in which she is an elected member of city council.

Here is a copy of the announcement that appeared in The Blade:
08/24/2008 Webb ~ Carter
Robert B. Carter and Lindsay M. Webb were married Monday, August 18, 2008, at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rob is the proud father of Mindy, Nathan, Brittany and Addison, and the son of Barbara L. Carter of Sylvania Township and the late Frank E. Carter. Rob is a journeyman insulator and the Business Manager of Insulators and Allied Workers Local 45. Lindsay is the daughter of Thomas S. Webb of Toledo (Point Place) and Michelle Lever of Ottawa Hills. A graduate of The University of Toledo College of Law, Lindsay is a coordinator for a non-profit organization and serves on Toledo City Council. Rob and Lindsay will welcome their family and friends at a reception at her mother's home in mid-September.

You may also read The Blade on-line Webb - Carter wedding announcement.

If you recall, Ms. Webb had previously suggested the former Portside Festival Marketplace and home of (the former - or not) COSI of Toledo as a potential site for a gambling casino.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DIRT Is Flying Again!

If you recall, I have written about DIRT before in Roland Hansen Commentary. If you do not recall, you may review those previous commentaries by clicking the following embedded links:
Learn the Newest DIRT, Monday, December 3, 2007;
Lindsay Webb: The Broken Promise, Friday, January 4, 2008;
Lucas County Republicans: Wack Off, Stainbrook One, Reichert Zero, Thursday, May 15, 2008.

While the DIRT composition and DIRT players may vary from time to time, it is DIRT none-the-less. Well, it appears that this time the DIRT is flying again in Toledo municipal government. Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner, aka Carty Finkbeiner, has sent another letter chastising Toledo City Council. Well, the DIRT flew right back into the face of the Mayor.

Hey, I cannot help it if you haven't already read the latest Toledo daily newspaper article. But, I can help you by linking to the article so you can read it now. Go on, be informed, read Mayor shares blame for political feud, Toledo council trio says by Ignazio Messina, Blade Staff Writer.

Gee, I cannot help but wonder if any of the players in DIRT have taken any seminars or other specialized educational training in communications skills.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Picks Biden




Oh, I guess you already heard. Hey, I just wanted to join the bandwagon. It's all over the news and blogosphere. Let the pundit games begin.

Now that Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America, has announced Senator Joe Biden as his choice for a Vice President running mate, its open season for commentary. And when, Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican Party nominee for President, makes his preference of a Vice President be known, it will be a field day for even more political commentary.

My thoughts regarding the selection of Biden:

I just think there is an irony in this choice.

Flashback to the Presidential race of 2000.
The Democratic Party nominee for Vice President was Senator Joe Lieberman, a United States Senator from a small east coast state (Connecticut) who was also a candidate that very same year for re-election to his Senate seat.

Flash forward to 2008.
The Democratic Party nominee for Vice President is Senator Joe Biden, a United States Senator from a small east coast state (Delaware) who is also a candidate this very same year for re-election to his Senate seat.

Oh, by the way, did you also notice the first names of the Dem VP picks in 2000 and in 2008?
They are both Joe.

hmm, I wonder what other coincidences or ironies may arise with this selection.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ohio: Lucas County Republican Party Scores Zero OR JS x 2 = Jan Scotland + Jon Stainbrook = 0

I read "GOP Stupidity" over at Judy's Jewels with interest and a sudden urge to make a Roland Hansen Commentary.

What's all the fuss about the Lucas County Republican Party? I don't understand. It just seems to me that the Lucas County GOP has nothing (or is that no one) to offer.

It is my understanding that the Judy's Jewels entry was fueled by this news item about Jan Scotland not being on the fall ballot because of Jon Stainbrook.

You know, there are a lot of people who are critical of Jon Stainbrook, Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party, for not doing what was necessary to have Jan Scotland appear on the ballot as a replacement for Joe Pellman, a previous Republican candidate who had filed to run for Lucas County Commissioner but apparently had no intention to really seek election. The games people play, or at least the Lucas County Republican Party, are always interesting.

The news of the Lucas County Republican Party giving the nod to Jan Scotland caused a bit of flack in the electronic commentary world both at SwampBubbles and at Glass City Jungle. On another front, there was a very nice Toledo Journal Jan Scotland article concerning the candidacy of Jan Scotland.

Now, the latest news about the as-of-now non-candidacy of Jan Scotland for Lucas County Commissioner has brought out not only some honest and sincere political pundits but also all kinds of worms from under the rocks with allegations of the ineptness of Jon Stainbrook, a variety of conspiracy theories, and so on and so forth. You can read the comments on two Glass City Jungle threads:
Breaking News: Jan Scotland will not be on November Ballot
More on the Lucas County Republican Party and the Scotland saga...

Not to absolve the Lucas County Republican Party or its Chairman Jon Stainbrook from any responsibility in this fiasco, but I do have a question. Does not the was-to-be-candidate Jan Scotland also bear some responsibility? After all, it is Jan Scotland who was to be the candidate for Lucas County Commissioner. It would appear to me that, Mr. Scotland should have been a bit more astute, complete, and thorough about his own candidacy. Given Jan Scotland's apparent lack of dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s, I cannot help but wonder if he would bring that same type of "neglect of detail" approach to the position of Lucas County Commissioner.

The Toledo Journal article that is linked above contains this statement attributed to Jan Scotland: "Half of the game in politics is gaining support," he added. "The other half is not having anybody aggressively fight against you."
Roland Hansen says that in order to be a candidate for elective office, you need to first attend to the technicalities, minor things such as assuring the necessary paperwork to have your name appear on the ballot is properly submitted. Otherwise, there is no game to play.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ohio: Lucas County Democratic Party Unity or Not

This afternoon, I came across a fellow I have known for over 35 years. He told me that he had recently performed a "google" search on the Lucas County Democratic Party and saw Roland Hansen Commentary appear toward the top of the results page.

Being curious, I did that "google" search myself and lo-and-behold, sure enough there I am. Take a look at the results right here.

Now then, let's revisit that Roland Hansen Commentary: Ohio: Lucas County Democratic Party and Unity from about a year ago.

I always find it interesting that many, many, many people who are quite vociferous in making opinionated political statements have short memories. In the world of political commentary, most folks express their thoughts on a hot topic and then move on to make comments on the next hot topic, with little or no follow-up or follow-through on any of the hot-button topics.

Rare is the person who perseveres on political topics unless it is to demean others. Rare is the person who has positive constructive thoughts or makes positive constructive suggestions. Rare is the person who actually holds himself or herself accountable, let alone responsible, for his or her own perspectives, thoughts, or comments. I certainly hope I am not one of the masses; and that I am indeed one of the rare persons. I don't know that I fall into that category, but I do hope so.

Along those lines then, I see that I am now entering the time frame for the prediction I made in that Roland Hansen Commentary of a year ago regarding the Lucas County Democratic Party and the issue of unity. Did you go back to read that entry? Apparently, most other people have forgotten or dismissed their own thoughts and comments on that topic because I have not heard any outcry about disunity of the Lucas County Democratic Party in a long, long time. That leaves me wondering whether or not my own perspective has been on the mark or not. I sure would be interested in reading the comments of others on the topic of the Lucas County Democratic Party and its degree of unity.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pet Peeve or Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I read an article in which some pet owners and pet lovers have a pet peeve with Lucas County Dog Warden, Tom Skeldon. These misguided animal activists are barking up the wrong tree in calling, nay, petitioning for Mr. Skeldon's dismissal. Apparently, they are unhappy that Tom Skeldon is doing his job of enforcing the law which has also been upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. I kid(d) you not. They want him fired because he is doing his job in performing his duties as he is legally obliged.
Hey, don't take my word for it. Read the Blade article 474 sign petition to oust Lucas County dog warden for yourself. I hope you read the part that states "Mr. Skeldon said pit bulls are 'the number one biter in Lucas County,' and that last year his office seized 1,354 of them" and the last sentence that states "Lucas County, with more than 61,000 licensed dogs, has had Ohio's highest license compliance rate in the state."
Wow, one thousand three hundred fifty-four pit bulls seized! That's a lot of pit bulls.
And, it's a lot of BULL---- (fill in the blank) that County Commissioner Ben Konop thinks "a large public outcry could represent a cause for dismissing Mr. Skeldon."
What kind of political crap of reasoning is that???!!!

Just cause for job termination in the public sector is misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance.
Just cause is NOT for doing the work you are supposed to be doing in accordance with your job duties and the law.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Democratic National Convention: Edwards Out, Clintons In

With the big news about John Edwards having an extramarital affair, it seems that he will not be at the Democratic National Convention. The word about keynote speakers at the Democratic National Convention is in the Reuters blogs entry with the headline "Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton to open Democratic convention" but it is being reported that while Bill Clinton will be speaking at the convention he will not be introducing Hillary Clinton. The job of introducing Hillary Clinton lies with yet another woman as reported in the article by Thomas M. DeFrank, Daily News Washington Bureau Chief.
Click the embedded links to read those stories.
What was that movie with Woody Harrelson? Oh yeah, now I remember: White Men Can't Jump.
I guess it's up to the Republican National Convention to provide equal opportunities for white males to be keynote speakers.
On the other hand, there is another woman who has something to say about all this and she makes prejudicial remarks about older men and also speaks of another female as a possible Vice President. Hear it all for yourself by clicking here.
Over the past couple decades, I have often heard white men make remarks that some day there will be no opportunities left for white males. Could that day be now?
That does not necessarily reflect my own thinking, but I have heard many white men reflect on that, especially in regards to this year's presidential election. It seems no one wants to say it out loud and no one really wants to discuss it because, after all, that is a 'racist' and a politically incorrect topic. None-the-less, it does give "food for thought" if we are to be honest and if we are curious as to what is really being said out there on the street.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ranking Presidential Class

Nope. Nothing from me. I'm still processing the John Edwards stuff.

That said, I just think I'll leave it for you to head over to The Adam Hansen Weblog to read, view, and listen to Our Presidential Hopeful.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lindsay Webb: The Subject of Trust and the Erie Street Market

Lindsay Webb is the elected Toledo city council representative for the district in which I reside. In the past, I have made complimentary remarks regarding Lindsay Webb and I have expressed some concerns about the councilmanic actions of Lindsay Webb. I shall continue to monitor her words, her actions, and her deeds as an elected official: and, I shall continue to make entries in Roland Hansen Commentary regarding her performance as an elected member of Toledo City Council as I perceive the need.

Today is one of those times.

I believe that Lindsay Webb hit the nail on the head with the comments attributed to her in the Blade article Toledo City Council grills city staff, promoter. There is, however, one comment with which I do not agree and that concerns the change in the City Charter as suggested by Ms. Webb. The City Charter of Toledo is such a hodge-podge as it is now; I'd rather we only revise that charter when absolutely necessary. Additionally, it seems cumbersome to make changes to the charter every time there is disagreement with a particular city administrative action, especially when there is a regular changeover scheduled in the CEO of the city administration (read that as Mayor for the present time) through the election process. Click on the embedded link contained within the title of that article and read the entire story and the words of attributed to Lindsay Webb.

I strongly believe in governmental responsibility, responsiveness, and accountability. I sincerely hope that Lindsay Webb continues on the path of advocating and practicing truth, openness, and honesty in the public service. That is what we citizens need; and, that is what we citizens deserve. Nothing less than that is acceptable.