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Thursday, October 17, 2013

U.S. Senate Saves Us and the U.S. from Boehner The Bonehead Boner's Blunder

When I wrote the October 1, 2013 Roland Hansen Commentary, USA Government Shutdown Is The Product of A Boner!, I had not yet seen the little gem on YouTube entitled, The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice. Here take a look at it for yourself:
And now, we can thank Democrat Harry Reid, Republican Mitch McConnell, and the United States Senate for saving all of us and the United States government from the blunder foisted upon the American citizenry by Boehner The Bonehead Boner.

Here, just read this article, Gov't Reopens After Congress Ends 16-Day Shutdown.


CWMartin said...

Roland, sometimes I shake my head at you. You can be so intellectual and yet so spiteful. Politics involves people who do not necessarily agree on the path being taken. But I'm not trying to cast a stone to hard, because I doubt I'd thank Harry Reid for holding a door open for me. I think Harry reid is a poison in this nation and I wish you would explain to me how his intransigence is any different than Boehner's. At least Boehner was fighting for his constituents. Reid was merely protecting his president's pet program.

dalepertcheck said...

If you're old enough, you can remember when the Democrats totally dominated the US House for decades. Republicans would complain long and hard about House rules which limited their ability to do their jobs as elected representatives of the people. When Republicans took over the House, they paid lip service to making the rules more democratic [with a small "d"]. But, when it suits their interests, they place their individual interests in perpetuating themselves in office over the interests of the nation and the world.
In my mind, this is not all on Boehner. To me, Boehner is more of a traditional conservative Republican, who understands that democracies require compromises in order to function well. There are a growing number of extremists in his party (as there are some on the other side of the aisle) to whom compromise equals surrender. These are not traditional conservatives. They are not Barry Goldwater, or Ev Dirksen, or Ronald Reagan Republicans. They are false patriots who would rather destroy the nation, and cause havoc in the world, than to come to agreement. How profoundly sad!