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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama Basher Spinners

There are many people who criticize Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. Some criticisms are justifiable and warranted by those who make the criticisms. Then, there are the Obama Bashers, as I call them, who just want to belittle and demonize our President with reckless disregard to truth and who routinely dismiss and criticize anyone who just does not go along quitely in agreement with the Obama Basher. When it comes to anything related to President Barack Obama in order to put forth their own perspective, they put their own spin on things. I mean, these folks, these Obama Basher Spinners, tell you and me what we are saying even if it is not what we are saying.

Take the following exchange I had on Facebook for an example of that which I speak:
Pat Benson shared Right Wing News's photo.

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    • Roland Louis Hansen: If only George W would have appropriately and adequately addressed the issue of health care for Americans during his tenure!

      Pat Benson: Maybe Bush didn't address the problem because he had no answer. I guess thats about the same as Obamacare.

      Pat Benson: Roland come on now. Do you really think Obamacare is the answer to our health care problems. If you do ask people in Europe what they think about Obamacare which is equal to what we have now. They think we are crazy. They say if it doesn't work in Europe why would we think the same system would work in the USA.

      Roland Louis Hansen: Pat, Did I state that I "really think Obamacare is the answer to our health care problems" or is that an inferrence you are making?
      BTW, I would like to suggest you and everyone else take a look at the health care system of Denmark.
      The Danish Health Care System
      "The Danish health care system is based on a principle of free and equal access for all citizens. Thus, the vast majority of health services in Denmark are free of charge for the users." That is ju...

      Pat Benson: Tell Obama to look at Denmark. Unfornuately he did not meet with any of there leaders to discuss health care.

      Roland Louis Hansen: Okay, I will do as you suggest, Pat. Incidentally, I have no inside knowledge of who our President consulted or did not consult. However, apparently you do and I will have to presume you have an inside track to the President; therefore, please ask him to contact me.

      Pat Benson: Roland it was on the news many times who he contacted and talked to in Europe regarding health care. So I don't need an inside track, I just listen.

      Roland Louis Hansen: I listen also, Pat. I just do not have the full faith and credit as you have in the thoroughness and completenes in the reporting of news by the mass media. Incidentally, I do not feel anything positive is accomplished by pointing fingers, assigning blame, or just complaining. I do wish the entire issue of adequate, sufficient, affordable health care for all Americans would have been addressed and accomplished many, many years ago. AND, for the record, I have spent almost my entire adult life in a volunteer capacity in several organizations and as an individual citizen activist and advocate working proactively for that very thing. I have not just talked the talk; I have walked the walk.

      Pat Benson: I am not going to debate this anymore with you because I think we just like to have someone to debate with. My finally say is I believe Obama will go down in History as one of our worst Presidents because as the saying goes, If his lips are moving he is lying. The press supports Obama all the way and there is NEVER anything negative that they print about him. You would think he is a saint. In my book what happened in Bengazzie (I am sure I did not spell that right) was one of the worst incidents in American history. We may not know the whole story but what we do know is not good. Like Hilary said, what matter does it make now. It does to the familes of the people who died for there country and it still matters to a lot of american people.

      Pat Benson: By the way I was not a volunteer but my company had an office in DC and had the pleasure of working in it when I first started working for them. I went to congress and particiated in meetings etc. I felt back then in 2003 that we needed a change but unforunately all politicians lie and that is not going to change, you can't tell the good ones from the bad ones.

      Pat Benson: I am going to church now and I will pray for everyone, and please God help this country.

      Roland Louis Hansen: Pat, for some reason, it appears that you just desire to bash not only the Presisident but also as you state " all politicians lie" and that praying to G-d is the way to save us all. On top of that, you seem to have concluded in your own mind that I am debating something or other and that I am defending President Obama. I really do not understand why you do so. Nowhere , I repeat - nowhere, in any of my comments have I defended President Obama and nowhere have I debated anything. The simple thrust of what I have written is that I wish the issue of adequate, sufficient, and affordable health care for all Americans would have been made available throughout the years. Oh, and I also stated I do not believe the news as reported by the mass media is thorough or complete. I also expressed my personal opinion that "I do not feel anything positive is accomplished by pointing fingers, assigning blame, or just complaining." The only debate that I can see that I may have partaken is my assertion that I am not in a debate on those things that you adamently assert I am debating.

So, I guess that pretty well sums up my thoughts. That is how that specific Facebook exchange has been the past couple days up until about an hour ago. I do not know whether Pat will come back with another comment or not. Regardless, I believe I have made my point here of this particular Roland Hansen Commentary concerning Obama Basher Spinners.

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CWMartin said...

And yet, you have no problem bashing John Boehner. Perhaps if Obama just had a funnier name...

Roland Hansen said...

With all due respect, CW Martin, this blog entry is about President Barack Obama, not John Boehner. However, in that you have decided to go strawman on me, I would like to point out a few things:
1. President Barack Obama was chosen in a nationwide election in which people throughout the entire United States could cast a ballot and in which an estimated 126 million voters did so in 2012.
2. President Obama is the duly elected official for all of America.
3. John Boehner was elected in a small region of the State of Ohio in which only the voters of that one congressional district and in which an estimated 248,316 voters did so in 2012.
4. John Boehner is an elected official for only the 8th congressional district of Ohio, not for all of the 435 congressional districts across America.
5. All Americans, (Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and others from a variety of minor political parties) had the opportunity to choose Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.
6. While the United States House of Representatives votes on who amongst its members shall be the Speaker, in fact, the Speaker is the leader of the majority party in the House and is chosen by the members of that party. Only Republican members of the U.S. House of Representaives had the opportunity and were allowed in the political partisan process to choose John Boehner as Speaker of the House.
7. My blog entry adressed the fact that Obama Bashers and Obama Basher Spinners as I have defined the terms do not enter into discussion or debate; rather they tune out others who dare to disagree with them and then bash those same people. In the discourses that I have had on Facebook and elsewhere regarding Johm Boehner, I have provided facts about government processes as the bases for my opinions - and at times, I have just provided factual information citing objective sources without even providing my personal opinions. THAT, my friend, is what differentiates me from OBAMA BASHERS as I have defined the term.
7. From your comment, CW, it appears you have attempted to tell me what I mean by my use of the term BASHER. It also seems to me that you just wanted an opportunity to belittle the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

CWMartin said...

Of all the times we've talked this is the first time I've found you unreasonable. All I did- ALL I did- is to point out that as much unreasonable insulting as you have done of Boehner, you should really be a little less sensitive about people Making fun of Obama. But since YOU went there-

1. I don't care HOW many people voted for Obama. Did you care how many voted for GW Bush?

2. Again, BFD. Nothing to do with the subject.

3. and 4. So what's the point here? Obama got more votes than Boehner and Boehner came from a small region, so he's eligible to be insulted but not the President?

5. Again, so that makes Boehner eligible to be insulted but not Obama? Do you see the hypocrisy here?

6. Still not seeing where this means Obama automatically gets a greater respect. Again, I point out how mercilously GW Bush has been attacked but you don't mind that.

7. And my comment points out that you do the very same thing to those who disagree with you, else you wouldn't have reacted this way.

8. Wher did I bash Obama in that comment? If I wanted to bash Obama there are a dozen things just off the top of my head IN HIS RECORD that could do that better than ANY insult.

It seems to me lately that your posts have become more of an attack-dog on Boehner and apologist for Obama than anything approaching honest debate. It also seems to me that you only require respect for DEMOCRAT Presidents of the US. If you want honest debate, then you need to remember not everyone agrees with the liberal point of view. In the past, before this, you've always been at least respectful- more so than me, actually. But if THAT comment I left is any example of the change I'm seeing in you, then just block me as a troll.

Roland Hansen said...

CW, again with all due respect, you are reading much, much more into what I wrote than what I really have written. I find that very disconcerting.

No where in my entry or in my comments to you in this message thread did I defend the President, nor as you allege was I an "apologist for Obama" - in fact, the very first two sentences of this blog entry are (and I quote my own words) "There are many people who criticize Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. Some criticisms are justifiable and warranted by those who make the criticisms."

No where in this specific blog entry or in my comments to you in this message thread did I bash John Boehner.

You are the one who brought up John Boehner. My follow up comments to your initial comment was to point out the differences in the constituency of the two elected officials and the distinctions between the representive status of their respective elected positions.

You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I did not disparage you personally as you have just done to me. Incidentally, I did not allege that you were "bashing" President Obama as you allege I have; what I did state was that it seemed to me that you just wanted an opportunity to "belittle" the President and that is based on your statement, "Perhaps if Obama just had a funnier name"

Chris, this is not the first time you have thrown the gauntlet at me in a slam dunk comment directed personally at me as you just did in your last comment. I challenge you to point out any one instance of me ever doing that type of thing to you personally as an individual.

CWMartin said...

"It seems to me lately that your posts have become more of an attack-dog on Boehner and apologist for Obama than anything approaching honest debate." That implies "more than just this post, or maybe not even INCLUDING this post". Separate the post from the comment. The post was just as you say above. However, your comment that followed is what my second comment was about. I am saying, and did say, that lately I've seen a lot of "John Boner" and such attacks on the Tea Party and their supporters among the GOP. It was to the late string of posts that I refered that to. I realize that you did not do that this time, but neither did I say anything against Obama in that first comment as you think I did.

And one thing that you seem to feel, but not to realize in others, is that people take politics personally. Thus, when I mention your attacks on Boehner, it's okay, but when I make a harmless little nod-nod-wink-wink joke in the direction of Obama, you went off on me.

Also, you'll also note that I ADMITTED you have done a better job of keeping a civil tongue than me. ADMITTED IT. Snark is my second skin, and little bits are to be expected. Not excused, mind you, but Jeez Louise, an 8-point attack because I said, "Maybe if Obama had a funny name"?

And you accuse me of this "strawman" thing, and yet when I ask "Do you not see the hypocrisy of (asking me to be polite to Obama because he is POTUS when no one was of GW Bush when he was POTUS)?", you redirect to, "Chris, you are making a personal attack against me".

The only other thing I directed at you is how your political posts PRIOR TO this one had been getting increasingly insulting and unfair to those you don't agree with. Based on how your posts have been when I first came here, I thought it a reasonable thing to point out how your posts have changed. I found it not to your standards to get bent about people treat Obama after how you treated Tea Party/Boehner. Thus, the long comment was in response to your long comment, NOT your original post.

If you feel that asking you to explain the difference between insulting Bush and insulting Obama is disparaging, I'm sorry. I thought it a logical question.

And really, what does the fact that Obama was elected have to do with any of it? If he f's up, he needs to be called out- just like any other elected official.