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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ben Konop. A Dumb Idea.

From where in the world did Ben Konop come?

Here I am feeling somewhat aghast at the latest publicity in Toledo Ohio in regards to Ben "doesn't fall far from the tree" Konop.

Ben Konop may just hold the record for northwest Ohio politicians who are publicity seeking political opportunists. He may even have surpassed the political opportunistic Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Konop proposes privatizing Lucas County EMS ambulance service endowing college scholarships in the process. That's the latest scoop of Ben Konop poop from WTOL 11 and from the Toledo Blade.

(Hey, what are you thinking? Shame on you. Get your mind out of the gutter and bring it on up here to the sewer. When I wrote "scoop of Ben Konop poop," I was making reference to the "current details" of Ben Konop "inside information.")

As it turns out, this is really not new news from Ben Konop, as can be read over at Thurber's Thoughts Konop's college conspiracy. (Gee, for some twisted and strange reason, some how I think that entry could have been entitled KKK: Konop's Kollege Konspiracy, even though there really isn't any connection of any kind to the Ku Klux Klan; it just strikes me as a kute katchy konopism.)

My thoughts on the Konop proposal are three-fold.

I am opposed to privatizing EMS.

I am in favor of college scholarships.

This Ben Konop proposal is A DUMB IDEA!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Independents and Politics: An Oxymoron

There are so many people who love to comment about politics who really have no idea of what politics are or how politics work. Far too many people confuse government and politics. Way too many people think that elected officials should be independent, as in not having a political party affiliation. These folks pride themselves on being independent voters. What a true disservice those folks do to the governmental electoral process while all the while believing they are doing a public service!

Politics is all about power; the accumulation of power and the exercise of power. Politics exist in every organization or group of people in which the number of members exceed one. It is not confined to government, let alone the election of governmental representatives. Politics are found and played in churches, charitable and civic organizations, places of employment, school parents clubs, little league sports as well as all amateur and professional sports, scouting, --- well, everything in non solo human endeavors.

In this Roland Hansen Commentary, I am focusing on politics and the process of electing and/or appointing people to positions in the service of government.

In order to accumulate and exercise power, it is necessary to have the support of others who will assist throughout the entire process of gathering, exercising, and maintaining power. That is where political parties come into play of the governmental electoral arena. Persons who identify with a political party do not necessarily give up their individual identities, ideas, or thought processes.

A political party is a coalition of a diverse group of people who may indeed have many differences but who have identified some common concerns, common ideas, and common goals they wish to see in the formulation and application of public policy. In order to accomplish those ends, a political party, as an entity unto itself, will find a common middle ground upon which its diverse members will rally. In doing so, the political party will establish a political platform consisting of many planks.

People who slam political parties and partisan politicians as playing politics are, in fact, in the process of playing politics themselves. Those independents who cry for independents to be elected to public office to the exclusion of those who identify with a political party would condemn us all to a world of chaos. Other than slamming political parties and slamming politics and slamming government itself, these "independents" have no common grounds upon which they think, believe or act. While these so-called independents may cry for less government, less taxes, less governmental regulations on private business enterprises, decry our public education system, despise universal health care coverage, bemoan "corrupt" politicians, condemn a mayor or city council or state legislature or Congress or other government elected or appointed office or body, and all the other negations they so espouse, they generally have no real proposals containing specific methods and means by which public policies may address the concerns of the community in a productive, positive, results-oriented manner.

Without a common platform with specific planks such as found in a political party, it is not possible to have a government that could function and be free of chaos. Thus, independents and politics equate in my mind as an oxymoron.

Meanwhile, here in Toledo, Ohio, there are a couple of factions that seem to be more about taking down the other guy rather than putting forth positive concrete ideas and suggestions on how to improve our community. I don't think I will mention Take Back Toledo or Teamwork Toledo. oops.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glass City Academy: Charter School Uproar in Toledo, Ohio

There is a charter school uproar in Toledo, Ohio. The earlier opposition of Old Orchard residents to Glass City Academy just continues to grow.

Old Orchard residents are in the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome. I say shame on them. Fine upstanding citizens they are that do not want a school in their neighborhood for at-risk kids. I’d wager their opposition to Glass City Academy is based on social class prejudice, fear, and discrimination. Where was their strong vocal mobilizing opposition when the proposed location was originally approved for the Knight Academy, a charter school affiliated with St Francis de Sales?

That is the comment I wrote on the Judy's Jewels blog entry: Glass City Academy.

Old Orchard resident Donald Greenburg and several of his neighbors have been reported as they "think they've been duped" and all they "wanted ... was simply due process for this new school." Quite frankly, I'm not buying that story.

Regardless of the technicalities involved, I guess the Old Orchard complainants just don't think Glass City Academy students are in the right class for the neighborhood. I sure do not recall such a resident uproar when The Knight Academy had been approved for that very same Old Orchard location but later bowed out on its own volition.

Incidentally, can anyone tell me where I might find Archie Bunker? Gee, I wonder what Archie would say.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jets and Jews

It was with interest that I read the story New York Jets contact NFL over scheduling conflict with Jewish holidays and its follow-up story New York Jets owner Woody Johnson asks NFL to switch time of Tennessee Titans game.

I came across these articles upon reading an entry of Judy's Jewels of which I referenced Sammy Davis Jr. in my responding comment.

I even found this topic over at Heeb magazine.


I wonder how people would feel if it all involved the holy days and religious beliefs of observant Muslims and Christians. I personally think that we all need more religious tolerance in the world.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lindsay Webb: Pushes to Downsize Toledo City Council

Every once in awhile, I notice something in the handy dandy FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed I have installed over at the bottom of the left column of Roland Hansen Commentary that really catches my eye.

Such is the case when I noticed someone had done a google search with the text "Toledo city council reduction of members" which brought up several results, from one of which that person came on over to Roland Hansen Commentary: Changing Toledo City Council -- Again!

That in turn brings me to Toledo City Council member Lindsay Webb of whom I have made a few previous entries here on Roland Hansen Commentary.

I speak of the same city council member Lindsay Webb, who married Robert B. Carter back on Monday, August 18, 2008, at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada, but who it appears did not take the last name of Carter. The only reason I mention this is for folks who might not be aware of her use of name but who also may desire to obtain further information about the public official in which knowing that information might be helpful.

Back to the topic at hand. Webb has been making a big push to downsize Toledo City Council. Its all over the local blogs, local electronic bulletin boards, local forums, and local broadcast and print media. Here, take a look at:
FOX Toledo: 9 is fine for the city of Toledo
WTOL 11: Council reduced to nine?
Toledo Free Press: Petition drive to reduce city council to launch
Toledo Blade: Petition initiative seeks to reduce Toledo City Council size

I do not necessarily have a problem with the proposal as advocated by Mrs. (or is it Ms. or Miss? - I really and truly do not know which form of address is appropriate in today's society) Webb (Carter); however, I really do wonder why she did not push this concept to downsize Toledo City Council and to eliminate at-large city council members prior to this year's election of Toledo at-large city council members or even prior to her own election two years ago as a Toledo district city council member.

Given the actions of Lindsay Webb at the January 2, 2008 Toledo City Council organizational meeting, is it any wonder that I wonder?

Is this all political posturing or what?