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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glass City Academy: Charter School Uproar in Toledo, Ohio

There is a charter school uproar in Toledo, Ohio. The earlier opposition of Old Orchard residents to Glass City Academy just continues to grow.

Old Orchard residents are in the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome. I say shame on them. Fine upstanding citizens they are that do not want a school in their neighborhood for at-risk kids. I’d wager their opposition to Glass City Academy is based on social class prejudice, fear, and discrimination. Where was their strong vocal mobilizing opposition when the proposed location was originally approved for the Knight Academy, a charter school affiliated with St Francis de Sales?

That is the comment I wrote on the Judy's Jewels blog entry: Glass City Academy.

Old Orchard resident Donald Greenburg and several of his neighbors have been reported as they "think they've been duped" and all they "wanted ... was simply due process for this new school." Quite frankly, I'm not buying that story.

Regardless of the technicalities involved, I guess the Old Orchard complainants just don't think Glass City Academy students are in the right class for the neighborhood. I sure do not recall such a resident uproar when The Knight Academy had been approved for that very same Old Orchard location but later bowed out on its own volition.

Incidentally, can anyone tell me where I might find Archie Bunker? Gee, I wonder what Archie would say.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Opponents claim that the special use permit was supposed to expire if the Knight Academy didn't go in there, but it didn't.

Which backs up rule #1 for politicians:

If their lips are moving. . .

In essence though, Glass City Academy is only different in the barbed wire on top of the fences and the guns sticking out of the slots in the guard towers.

[Heavy Sarcasm, but only in the last paragraph]

Angela Wallington Zimmann, Ph.D. said...

Roland, this past spring I had a student at BGSU who was a graduate of St. John's Jesuit. He wrote a wonderful paper on how St. John's really needed drug counselors in their school, because abuse was so rampant. As a Springfield township resident, I always mourn the students who leave Springfield for St. John's in order to get away from the "drug culture" at the public schools. Perception is not reality, sometimes unfortunately. I think this is connected to what is transpiring in Old Orchard, on many levels - and this is not to say I agree or disagree with the homeowners. It is just another perspective.

Tim Higgins said...


This one is hit out of the park for your and Judy both (it is baseball season, after all). Somehow compassion for those less fortunate seems to end within a clearly defined range of home and hearth.

Elections are approaching however, so this is liable to get additional attention.

Roland Hansen said...

According to a message left on my home telephone answering machine from Sandra Frisch, superintendent of Lucas County Educational Service Center, for my wife, Judy, who is on the LCESC Governing Board, Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski asked that Glass City Academy representatives not come to a meeting he was having with the Old Orchard residents.

I don't know what to make of that. I only heard the message on the answering machine and it was cut off after the machine's one minute message limitation kicked in. My wife does not tell me of conversations she has with the superintendent.

Kenwoodrocket said...


Why does everything with you liberals have to do with racism? The moment there is a controversy, you cry racism, or "sounds like Archie Bunker to me". I guess it makes it easier for you to dismiss having any dicussion.

When most people purchase homes they look at crime rates, property values, and schools. I'm sure that you don't live in the inner city with with crime on every corner, correct? The idea that we are supposed to forget about our property values in order for you to not call us "archie bunker" is preposterous.

1. The special use permit was supposed to be for the Knight academy not the glass city academy. The glass city academy should go through the process of obtaining their own permits.

2. The individual whom decided that there was "no major problems" with the glass city academy, is going to get his pockets lined because of his decision. From what I understand he was a member of the synagog, a board member of the UT commitee that owns the property and inline for a board position at glass city academy. Maybe not illegal but a clear ethics issue.

3. The safety at old orchard school needs to be number 1 importance, the academy is right next to old orchard school.

4. The "school" has a 17% graduation rate, but seems to have plenty of money. St. Francis dropped the project because 3 million was needed get the school ready. Are they getting tax payer money to enroll kids, and not for graduating kids. Seems like the graduation standards need to be higher to be considered a school.

5. And yes we don't want this in our backyard, we moved to this area to avoid having to be around gang members. And yes there are plenty of gang members at the school. But according to you we shouldn't worry about, our kids safety, or property values, we should sit back and hope that everything will be ok, because if we don't you and your ilk will call us racists.

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you for your very interesting comments, Kenwoodrocket.

I do wonder, however, why you claim profusely that I in any way have alleged racism. That is very interesting indeed. I never mentioned racism or racist, but you seem to think it important to use such terms yourself. Could that be a defensive reaction on your part?

I also wonder why you felt the need to make reference to the inner city. Does it have anything to do with social class distinctions?

And why do you allude to people of the Jewish religion when you mention someone is a member of the synagogue? Congregation B'nai Israel has absolutely no interest or ownership in the building which was a former synagogue. Hmmm, I cannot help but wonder. I sure am glad I never made reference to antisemitism in my commentary.

You state: "The "school" has a 17% graduation rate, .... Seems like the graduation standards need to be higher to be considered a school." I ask you, since when have graduation rates been used in the definition of school?

Yes, Kenwoodrocket, your comments are very enlightening to me and they seem a perfect example to substantiate my commentary regarding you and your cohorts in relationship to NIMBY, "opposition to Glass City Academy is based on social class prejudice, fear, and discrimination," and yes, Archie Bunker. With your comments, I rest my case. I couldn't have said it all better, myself.

Oh, by the way, Kenwoodrocket, I have the courage of my convictions and my credibility is backed by my use of my real name. Can you say the same?

Kenwoodrocket said...

Hahaha. Only a liberal would defend a 17% graduation rate, and yes if the academy is taking taxpayer money, there needs to be standards put in place. If Start high school graduated 17% the would be on academic emergency. So I ask you, would you send your children here?

Secondly I said that "racism" because that is what you meant. You said that all of this has to be about prejudice, discrimination, fear, and Arcie Bunker like, correct?

But the real reason you said it was to eliminate any real dialog about the school, and make us defend against comments of being prejudice, discriminitory, or Arcie Bunker.

Then you do it again by alluding to antisemitism, because I mentioned that the man who pulled the strings on this project went to the synagogue, is on the board for the UT foundation, and in line for a board position at the academy. Yes the synagogue has no interest what so ever, but there is one person, that is connected with all three entities, made the call on it, and personally benefiting from it. But since when has ethics ever bothered liberals?

Again lets get back to the special use permit. The original permit was for a school for 6th,7th,and 8th grade boys prep school. Not a school for high risk gang members. If the academy is going to go here they need to go through the same procedures to get their own permits.

And finally, what neighborhood do you live in? You mention courage, Let's see if you have the courage to mention your neighborhood? Because im sure you wouldn't want anyone to think that you used your "nimby" practices to select your home..

Roland Hansen said...

Thank you Kenwoodrocket for again opening mouth and inserting foot.

Thank you also for telling me what I mean. If you had not pointed that out to me, I would have thought I meant something entirely different than what you are telling me I mean. It is so nice that you can put your words into my mouth.

Such hypocricy!

I really do not believe you do not desire dialogue. I believe you just want to put forth your fear-mongering beliefs. It shows in your choice of words.

That said, I will make no further comments on the topic with an anonymous flaming troll such as you who does not even have the intestinal fortitude to sign your real name.

Oh, so you want to know where I live. Firebombs and prank calls on your agenda? If I were afraid to say where I live, why in the world would I use my own real true name here? And come to think of it, why is my resume attached to my blog? I'll answer those questions myself in one word: credibility.

I have the honesty of purpose that you seem to lack. I am not afraid nor intimidated by spineless cowards, flamers, trolls, bullies, hatemongers, simpletons, or anyone else.

You must really be as smart as nails. If you want my address, it's easy for you to find out for yourself. Or anyone else to find out, for that matter. Just look in the Toledo telephone book or do an internet search. Or are you just too lazy?

So, you see, any lack of courage must be your own anonymous self-reflection. What is your real name? Where may I find your resume?

Kenwoodrocket said...

Sure there you go again. Not able to debate on the issues. Which is exactly your point of name calling.

You refuse to talk about the ethics issues of the gentleman who stands to personally benefit from this.

You refuse to talk about the special use permit.

And you refuse to admit that you yourself use the "NIMBY" practice as well. The point of me asking where your neighborhood is was to prove a point that you too care about what goes in your backyard.

Its easy to sit back and criticize people whom are concerned about their investment all the while you there is no threat to your property values.

And by the way, having a blog doesn't equate to credibility.

Roland Hansen said...

Just a small typo correction to my previous statement that reads "I really do not believe you do not desire dialogue." That should have been typed to read "I really do not believe you truly desire dialogue."

Hooda Thunkit said...


A few comments and observations if I may...

KenwoodRocket has absolutely no listed profile listed on Blogger other than being "born" in May, 2009.

Ergo, you seem to have a bona fide new born TROLL on your hands; someone obviously experienced enough to spawn a new persona just to pick a fight on this very subject/topic.

And, baby TROLLs are notoriously lacking in any form of self control.

Contrary to popular belief TROLLs are "born" with a full set of teeth, absolutely no desire to control themselves in any forum, being completely without manners, or the ability to carry on a substantive, intelligent conversation... and they bite.

So play nice, but carefully with this TROLL as you seem to already be doing, because TROLLs, by their very nature, speak from a position of ignorance; they lack the logical thinking processes to act in any other way than that of the typical spoiled child,

But you already know that ;-)

Still I'm giving you a friendly cautionary reminder amigo, as TROLL venom is nasty, vile bile, and TROLLs being newly born/spawned are totally without manners, thinking skills/processes, self control and never house broken. . .

So, for the sake of your carpets, never let a TROLL to dinner.

--HT, a.k.a, "Z"

HINT:Those of you who already know me, know me as "Z" with a slash.I've been using "Z" with a slash for over thirty years now..., and a lot of City reports and have been sent and bills have been paid with my little "Z" with a slash on requisitions, receiving slips, purchase order requests and invoices...

(Yet another little peek at the man behind the "Hooda Thunkit" curtain...)