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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jets and Jews

It was with interest that I read the story New York Jets contact NFL over scheduling conflict with Jewish holidays and its follow-up story New York Jets owner Woody Johnson asks NFL to switch time of Tennessee Titans game.

I came across these articles upon reading an entry of Judy's Jewels of which I referenced Sammy Davis Jr. in my responding comment.

I even found this topic over at Heeb magazine.


I wonder how people would feel if it all involved the holy days and religious beliefs of observant Muslims and Christians. I personally think that we all need more religious tolerance in the world.


Chili Dog said...

The NFL is being disingenuous.

The regular playing day for the NFL is and always has been Sunday, the Sabbath for Christians everywhere.

Hooda Thunkit said...


You know, with more religious tolerance, especially for observance and holidays, there would probably be only ~15 work days in the calendar.

And, speaking of calendars..., don't get me started.


Roland Hansen said...

Nowadays, I cannot resist deep introspective thinking. Not that I am any good at it.

That said, I wonder how many holidays are truly religious HOLY DAYS with the observers of same actually adhering to whatever personal requirements of strict rituals, etc. are incumbent upon the observance of same.

I also wonder:
how many people really try to understand the religious beliefs of others as opposed to assuming to be true those preconceived notions that they may already have about those religions ...
how many people believe that because their religion is "right" that the other religions need not have their respect ...
how many people believe that because they are of the majority religious belief (wherever in this world they might be) that persons with a different religious belief should just go along with whatever those in the religious majority want, be quiet, and not speak up on how those imposed belief systems impact others.

Finally, I wonder how many people really care a rat's a-- (behind)!