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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lindsay Webb: Pushes to Downsize Toledo City Council

Every once in awhile, I notice something in the handy dandy FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed I have installed over at the bottom of the left column of Roland Hansen Commentary that really catches my eye.

Such is the case when I noticed someone had done a google search with the text "Toledo city council reduction of members" which brought up several results, from one of which that person came on over to Roland Hansen Commentary: Changing Toledo City Council -- Again!

That in turn brings me to Toledo City Council member Lindsay Webb of whom I have made a few previous entries here on Roland Hansen Commentary.

I speak of the same city council member Lindsay Webb, who married Robert B. Carter back on Monday, August 18, 2008, at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada, but who it appears did not take the last name of Carter. The only reason I mention this is for folks who might not be aware of her use of name but who also may desire to obtain further information about the public official in which knowing that information might be helpful.

Back to the topic at hand. Webb has been making a big push to downsize Toledo City Council. Its all over the local blogs, local electronic bulletin boards, local forums, and local broadcast and print media. Here, take a look at:
FOX Toledo: 9 is fine for the city of Toledo
WTOL 11: Council reduced to nine?
Toledo Free Press: Petition drive to reduce city council to launch
Toledo Blade: Petition initiative seeks to reduce Toledo City Council size

I do not necessarily have a problem with the proposal as advocated by Mrs. (or is it Ms. or Miss? - I really and truly do not know which form of address is appropriate in today's society) Webb (Carter); however, I really do wonder why she did not push this concept to downsize Toledo City Council and to eliminate at-large city council members prior to this year's election of Toledo at-large city council members or even prior to her own election two years ago as a Toledo district city council member.

Given the actions of Lindsay Webb at the January 2, 2008 Toledo City Council organizational meeting, is it any wonder that I wonder?

Is this all political posturing or what?


Lisa Renee said...

Roland I don't know how I feel about the current proposal to change City Council, but I do have to point out that I didn't take my husband's name when we were married over 9 years ago. Ward is my maiden name and still my legal last name now.

It's not uncommon for women to use their maiden name when they are in an elected position or in my case, for writing. In any case, Lindsay would be a Ms. Webb in answer to your question.

I linked to one of your previous posts on Council because I thought it was interesting and was worth pointing out.

Roland Hansen said...

Lisa Renee,

Thank you very much for clarifying how one addresses a married woman who has not taken the last name of the husband. I have never been very good at social etiquette and niceties as most people who know me are aware.

Oh, btw, thanks for making the link to Roland Hansen Commentary: Changing Toledo City Council -- Again! over in comment #9 of your blog entry Glass City Jungle: Webb, Waniewski & Schulz announce “9 is fine” campaign - Updated x2!. And, also thank you for telling me your thoughts. It's always nice to know that some one is reading Roland Hansen Commentary and finds something of which I have an opinion to be worthwhile.

Tim Higgins said...


Perhaps we should take the lead from Ms. Webb. If there is to be a change in Council (and I'm still not decided as to how I feel it should work), perhaps it should require that ALL Council members run for re-election for that change.

As for your comment to Lisa about who reads your column, come on, there's lots of us. There's me, and Lisa, and Hooda ... and me, and Lisa ...