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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ben Konop. A Dumb Idea.

From where in the world did Ben Konop come?

Here I am feeling somewhat aghast at the latest publicity in Toledo Ohio in regards to Ben "doesn't fall far from the tree" Konop.

Ben Konop may just hold the record for northwest Ohio politicians who are publicity seeking political opportunists. He may even have surpassed the political opportunistic Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Konop proposes privatizing Lucas County EMS ambulance service endowing college scholarships in the process. That's the latest scoop of Ben Konop poop from WTOL 11 and from the Toledo Blade.

(Hey, what are you thinking? Shame on you. Get your mind out of the gutter and bring it on up here to the sewer. When I wrote "scoop of Ben Konop poop," I was making reference to the "current details" of Ben Konop "inside information.")

As it turns out, this is really not new news from Ben Konop, as can be read over at Thurber's Thoughts Konop's college conspiracy. (Gee, for some twisted and strange reason, some how I think that entry could have been entitled KKK: Konop's Kollege Konspiracy, even though there really isn't any connection of any kind to the Ku Klux Klan; it just strikes me as a kute katchy konopism.)

My thoughts on the Konop proposal are three-fold.

I am opposed to privatizing EMS.

I am in favor of college scholarships.

This Ben Konop proposal is A DUMB IDEA!!!


Hooda Thunkit said...

CHILL a bit Roland.

This is obviously Young Ben spoofing mayor McS***t for brains.

It's a spoof I tell ya.

Ben playing the, "I'm just as good as the mayor" card.., and playing it badly...

IMNHO, Ben is NOT ready for prime time. . .

Tim Higgins said...


Young Ben has never discoverd or found a bad idea that he couldn't get behind. Neither has he found a funding plan for scholarships that has any correlation to good government or even reality (though Lord knows he keeps trying).

Ben obviously exemplifies the attitude that the best way to win votes is to find ways to give them their own money and tell them its free. For that reason alone, he is a danger to society and a threat to win any political office he runs for in NW Ohio.