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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucas County Elected Officials Blog - WHAT A JOKE!!! Kapszukiewicz and Konop.

The title says it all. Don't believe me. Take a look at the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog and decide for yourself.

How many elected officials are blogging there? Who are they? How often does each elected official make an entry? How much is this Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog costing the taxpayers of Lucas County?

Is the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog really a public service or a total waste of taxpayers' money in promoting public images of political hacks?

Am I correct in my opinion that "Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog" is just plain political opportunism by the 2Ks (Kapszukiewicz and Konop)?

Why do the other elected Lucas County officials allow this farce of a blog to exist? And if they think the concept is so darn good, why haven't they made use of it? Who in the heck should be held accountable for this total and complete piece of crap?

Did you see my comments about the two Ks in the immediately preceding Roland Hansen Commentary of May 27? Check it out if you haven't done so already.

Come on, don't be shy. Tell me what you think of the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog. I'd also LOVE to read your comments about the 2Ks.

Incidentally, have you noticed the absence of the 2Ks in the blogosphere, electronic bulletin boards, e-forums, and the like? For a couple of self-proclaimed techno-savvy guys, they sure seem to be conveniently and conspicuously invisible in the electronic internet media.


Judy said...

The whole time I was reading your entry,I kept thinking Why 2 K's? Then it went to Y2K's, now it's just WHY?

Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...


Knop, Knop..

Whose there?

Nobody (except for a couple of political climbers (with not a shred of common sense between them. . .

Pathetic, simply pathetic.

I'm almost afraid to even go back and look at the 2 K's post.

Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...

Okay I went back and reread the post of the 27th, but I didn't quitw get a sense of where you were coming from,

Ya really gotta crawl out of your shell and let/make your real feelings known. . .


Tim Higgins said...


It's hard to take a blog site seriously that hasn't had a posting yet in 2009. And if there were any tax dollars spent on this, I want them back, they were wasted. Lame doesn't begin to cover this site, which isn't as good as the design that I started out with on MySpace.

I do however, get a chuckle out of Wade's attempt at a halo, while making sure that we know his job title. I believe that this is tolerated simply because it is perceived as mostly harmless.

As for the K's absence from the blogosphere, I don't recall reasoned discussioin being the strong point of either individual.

Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...


"I do however, get a chuckle out of Wade's attempt at a halo, while making sure that we know his job title."Shouldn't that read "current" job title?

Or, is he staying put this election cycle?

Skippy Ketchup-Cabbage is what I would describe as a leapfrog politician...

Tim Higgins said...


With these two, I assume nothing. The change issue positions and attempt to change job titles more often than most change socks.

Their efforts however are so transparent, so juvenile, and so idiotic as to defy any form of credibility.

Roland Hansen said...

Okay, amigo HT (aka DZ aka Z- aka amigo Z), I'll try to climb outa my shell and let my true feelings be known, as you have suggested.

Ah, amigo TH, the URL for that blog indicates it is on the website server for Lucas County which is paid by us Lucas County lowly taxpayers.

Sign me, amigo RH

Neither Kapszukiewicz nor Konop have the baitsim aka beitzim aka betzim to respond to any of us on the internet.

Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...


Now that's what I call coming out of your shell :-]

And I agree with you 100%, about this "nutless" duo.

Come to think of it, I'd also have to add "witless" to both of their resumes too.

And the "Knop Knop Joke" is a law professor???

Oy Veh!