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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gordy Heminger, Ohio Politician Extraordinaire

I read with interest The Blade June 9, 2009 article Bowling Green councilman leaving for job in Indianapolis which is about Gordy Heminger, a former two term Maumee City Councilman and present Bowling Green City Councilman.

Over this-a-way, you may read the Alpha Sigma Phi news release Heminger Named Fraternity CEO.

Back on June 16, 2008, Northwest Ohio Political Blotter had the blog entry entitled Councilman Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green which you may read by clicking on the embedded link.

From the April 13, 2009 BGSU Monitor, you may read in the following embedded link about Gordy Heminger in the article Administrative staff names 'BG Best' that tells why Gordy has received recognition as 'BG’s Best' by the Administrative Staff Council of Bowling Green State University.

I wish Gordy all the best in the world. He certainly has worked diligently not only in politics but throughout his professional career. I first met Gordy when he was a young teenager working as a volunteer in numerous Lucas County Democratic candidates' campaigns. Gordy Heminger made a lasting positive impression on me and, while I haven't seen him in many years, I have followed his career from a distance ever since I met him. Way back in the early 1990s, I got the gut feeling that Gordy would make a fine elected official someday and would be the best of the best. I thought then and said to many people that Gordy Heminger was the rising star in Lucas County Democratic politics. A few short years later, he won election at the age of 18 to Maumee City Council. He was off and doing well.

Then, for some strange reason - but what isn't strange in politics, it seemed to me that the Lucas County Democratic Party organization and leadership overlooked Gordy Heminger and all the wonderful work he had done in Democratic Party politics. Other people became the Lucas County Democratic Party favorites, a very select few and amongst them was a "favorite son" by the name of Wade Kapszukiewicz. That aside, it seemed as though the young man who had worked so hard in the trenches of the Lucas County Democratic Party since he was but a young child, Gordy Heminger, was not receiving the support of the Lucas County Democratic Party machine. Having been twice elected to Maumee City Council, Gordy eventually moved to Bowling Green. Lucas County lost one of its most promising Democratic politicians.

In Bowling Green, Gordy Heminger became well known and respected in both his professional and his political life. He re-entered politics in Wood County and was active in the Wood County Democratic Party. He has been twice elected to Bowling Green City Council and was the 2008 endorsed Democrat for Wood County Clerk of Courts. Click on over to read the Sentinel-Tribune Heminger cites his leadership skills article.

Now, Wood County is losing Gordy Heminger, the proven politician and elected official. Gordy is moving to Indianapolis to assume his new position as President and CEO of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. I wish him well, but am sad to see him leave. Ohio is losing a fine elected official and a real true politician of the best kind.

Gordy, if you should come across this blog entry, I wish you the best of everything. And, by the way, Gordy, I still have the note you sent me when you were still not of voting age in which you wrote "Mr. Hansen, Congratulations on your election to the Lucas County School Board. I hope to be able to work with you on a campaign in the future."

To me, Gordy Heminger has been and is an Ohio politician extraordinaire.


Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...


You of all people should be aware of the LCDP's tossing aside of dedicated and people aside, in favor of more, let's say, "pliable" candidates.

The Party just HATES self starters and achievers. They much prefer to deal with and back responsive, reliable and predictable "droids" whom that can count on to blindly/loyally follow their orders.

I could be misteaken, but I doubt it ;-)

Winky Twinky said...

Hehe.... I think we are like-minded...and I like what I've read so far.... I'm too damn tired late on a Sunday night to have to actually "think" but I will re-visit. I have chosen to blog in a different direction...mostly because going up against the left is just EXHAUSTING!! But I'm still here, and I still love blogs like yours and Tim's..... I'll be peeping in now and then... thanks for the comment....