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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael v. Michael OR All About Mikes in Toledo, Ohio

The field of candidates for Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio continues to grow. Some one seems to have yelled fire into the mike and the bell has been sounded with a result of the policeman running to the rescue. Take out the handcuffs for the collar. Perhaps, I should replace the word 'collar' with 'collins.' Golly gee, I hope you noticed all of the words in the embedded link; it seemed somewhat ironic to me.

With former Toledo policeman D. Michael Collins and former Toledo fireman Michael Bell both in the running as Independents for Mayor of Toledo, an interesting spin has been set in motion.

I really believe that Hooda Thunkit's (Dave Zawodny's) Blog: Toledo Councilman Collins considers run for mayor (June 27, 2009) is a worthwhile read and a message thread worthy of following closely. I encourage people to add comments to the message thread of that blog entry. Consider it to be like a mike night at the coffee house.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I really think Hooda Thunkit, a..k.a. Dave Zawodny, has this one pegged!


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Thanks for the kind words.

I'll be spending some time today mulling the situation over before posting about a potential Mike vs. D. Michael match-up and each candidate measures up against the other.

There is mich to consider. . . ;-)

Roland Hansen said...

Actually, Dave, I think your early call will prove correct in that
"... 2 Mikes working and talking together, peace and sanity will rule out and they will be able to make the City of Toledo work again."
and that
"If the 2 Mikes were to go head-to-head, surely the pro Public Safety vote would be splintered/fractured, which could only benefit another candidate ..."

At this point in time, here is what I predict:
The two Mikes will battle in the primary (hence Mike v. Mike); Collins will fail and the general election will see Mike Bell facing off against Keith Wilkowski.

As time goes on during the campaign season other factors may enter the scene that may cause me to modify my prediction; but, as of now, I'll go with the scenario I foresee if all things remain the same.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Your political instincts are much sharper than mine, so you may be right.

For now however, I'm going to have to rethink and re-handicap the five significant candidates (really only four) and see what my gut tells me; stay tuned ;-)

Tim Higgins said...

Roland & Dave,

The question I believe, is not which of these two makes the finals (and I agree that it probably can't be both), but who will be able to take advantage of the split in the "common sense" vote?

Someone is going to get to take advantage of this, and the knowledge that the two of you have on the history of politics in Toledo would provide great insight into who that might be.

Roland Hansen said...

The Hooda Thunkit message thread just keeps getting better and better.

And in regards to your comment Tim, I gotta tell ya, there is a whole lot of play that can be made from all this. I'd give y'all my take on it but Lee Conklin seems to think some other folks (mostly losers in my book) are better at it than I am. His Take Three segment is a big joke in my opinion as are most of his guest political analysts themselves being jokes with Sandy "she who must be obeyed" Isenberg being the biggest joke of all; IceBerg may have been a politico but she is certainly no political analyst. The very best guest commentator that Conklin has had on the television show is Fletcher Word, and I think Fletcher really should have his own show; the man is good.