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Sunday, August 30, 2009

James Hartung, Lloyd Jacobs: Controversial Fat Cats

Ohioans, specifically Toledo and Lucas County taxpayers, are being figuratively raped financially, yet once again by a couple of local fat cats.

James Hartung and Lloyd Jacobs, two prominant names in the Toledo, Ohio community are once again the center of controversy as you may read in the linked Blade articles below:

Fired leader suing port authority for $157,577 by Erica Blake
University of Toledo bonuses stir controversy by Meghan Gilbert

Neither Hartung nor Jacobs are strangers to readers of Roland Hansen Commentary as you may see by clicking on the following links to my previous commentaries concerning James Hartung and Lloyd Jacobs.

I guess my only comment today is:
Why do most people have such short memories, momentary reactionary verbal and political backlashes, and a total lack of committed corrective follow-through?

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Judy said...

Make that three instead of two local fat cats, we must add Mr. Alexander to the list! The list I'm sure will get longer, who will be next to join this group?