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Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Ben Konop A Liar?

I read an article in The Blade in which Toledo mayoral candidate Ben Konop is reported to have said he has knocked on the 10,000th door in his primary campaign efforts. Another part of the story states: "The 10,000 addresses include homes and apartments visited by members of his campaign staff." The article also reports that others have taken exception to Konop's claim of having knocked on more doors than any of the other Toledo mayoral candidates. Then, there is the admission by Ben Konop that half of the home visits (or more) were met with no personal face-to-face contact with the residents of those homes.

Read the article Konop declares he's knocked on the most doors; rivals disagree by Blade staff writer JC Reindl for yourself and then answer the question: What are we to believe? Is Ben Konop telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth OR is Ben Konop a liar?

This isn't the first time that the veracity of Ben Konop has come under scrutiny. Apparently, some people do believe Ben Konop is a liar.

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Publius over at the Law of Reason wrote Ben Konop - A Liar In Liar's Clothing. Go ahead, click on the title to read it in its entirety.

Maxwell Austin can be heard calling Ben Konop a liar in the YouTube piece Toledo Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop Heckled at Press Conference.

I ask you:
Is Ben Konop a liar?


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


"Is Ben Konop a liar?"

The easy answer is YES.

But I liken "young Ben" to the little boy that cried wolf once too much.

According to the polls, very few people see "Young Ben" as a serious candidate.

With as many times as he's shot himself in the foot of late, he belongs in "the not ready for prime time players..."

Chili Dog said...

BK is the real-life land shark.

Tim Higgins said...


Isn't it obvious by now that Young Ben has had his campaign taken over by those who formerly wrote the bits for the John Lovitz character from Saturday Night Live?

If it isn't counting the death threats (it was six, no ten, no it was twelve), it's the number of doors knocked on (yeah, it was 10,000 doors that I knocked on).

The routine was once considered funny as part of a Comedy show (OK, maybe just a little funny ... as the show has stunk since John Belushi left). As a political campaign, it's not unexpected from Ben, but it is kind of sad.

As for whether Ben can be considered a liar, my guess is that when it comes to the lies and the truth, he can no longer distinguish the difference.

Roland Hansen said...

Hmmmm, a consensus seems to be forming.