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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lindsay Webb: Buys Citizen Action and Community Involvement

Do you recall reading the previous Roland Hansen Commentary Lindsay Webb: Pushes to Downsize Toledo City Council? If not, please refer to and read it now in order to better understand this new Roland Hansen Commentary regarding Lindsay Webb, the Toledo City Council District 6 representative.

It now appears to me that the citizen action and community involvement that has been spearheaded by Lindsay Webb to effectuate a specific change to the size and structure of Toledo City Council is not really a grass-roots volunteer effort. It was upon reading The Blade article Webb is top money donor to 'Nine is Fine' that I have concluded that Lindsay Webb is attempting to buy citizen action and community involvement as opposed to garnering voluntary citizen action and support for her efforts to overthrow the present Toledo City Council.

Oh well, so much for the idea that the councilwoman has strong community support for her ideas!


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

I too found the disclosure "curious."

But the Blah/Bland always attacks those that they cannot control, so no surprises here.

Dave said...


This story started from opponents of the plan, namely a certain city councilperson from far west Toledo.

Grassroots can be defined in many ways. As you know, most groups have to be funded in order to effectuate change, ie., Acorn, Moveon, etc. I would estimate that about 40% of the signatures were obtained by volunteers and the rest by paid staff.

It was short period of time to get the signatures and volunteers weren't going to be able to get the job done. Also, 7,000 people signing a petition in a 5 week period represents a grass roots movement. Many people signed it so fast, I couldn't finish my introduction.

It wasn't really the Blade doing the attacking, it was our critics who fear losing power.

Roland Hansen said...

Gee Dave,

Thanks for educating me on the definition of grassroots. I would have never known the meaning of grassroots, otherwise.

Incidentally, Dave, are you the David Schulz, who is referenced in this Blade article.

And by the way, what difference does it make on who started the story? Facts are facts; and, opinions are opinions.

The fact that concerns me is that Lindsay Webb used money that was donated to her councilmanic campaign to fund paid staff to circulate petitions to change our municipal form of government and that there was an inference that the Nine Is Fine (aka 9 is Fine) was all-volunteer effort.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Hiding behind a hidden profile makes it hard to be sure, leaving conjecture to fill in the blanks ;-)

Dave said...

Yes, Roland that is me, Dave Schulz.

Does it concern you what other politicians do with their money? How about donating to a charity whose views you might oppose?

The donations were legal and transparent and helped pursue a stated goal of hers as a legislator. In other words, was used for the furtherance of her political views.

COBRA is a volunteer organization that supplemented its base with paid volunteers for this particular mission.

Roland Hansen said...

Thanks for the reply, Dave. I appreciate your openness.

In regards to your questions concerning my concerns and views "about what other politicians do with their money" and "about donating to a charity whose views" I "might oppose," I will be more than pleased to respond when you start that message thread on your blog. I only ask that you send me an e-mail when you start that message thread on your blog.

Oh, in regards to your commentary about the legal use of political donations, I am not unfamiliar with the subject as anyone who is familiar with my background can attest. But, thank you, none-the-less, for your interest in furthering my continuing education.