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Monday, April 7, 2008

Skybus and ATA Airline Execs: Throw Their Asses In Jail!

I read the article "Unexpected Skybus closure leaves travelers scrambling" and it left me seething. Upon reading the article, it became quite apparent that the big shot execs knew in advance that they were taking money under false pretenses from unsuspecting travelers.

This crap from Skybus is not any different than the Judy's Jewels entry "ATA Screws Passengers Again". Over the years, Judy had made several entries that included ATA as part of the subject matter, such as this one entitled "Fly Away" among others; unfortunately her very earliest entry got gobbled up in the blogosphere when the blog host server had been changed.

Do you remember the Enron scandal and the consequences of the Enron scandal?

Do you remember the Martha Stewart scandal and the consequences of the Martha Stewart scandal?

The actions of the executive officers of Skybus and of ATA airline industries are criminal, criminal, criminal. All the while those rich fat cat executives were taking money from consumers who were booking and paying for air travel tickets, those fat cats knew all along that the pre-paid ticket sales would not be honored and yet those same rich corporate pigs were collecting their outrageously huge salaries. Tell me they shouldn't be held accountable. If they were elected or appointed government officials, all hell would have broken lose by now.

Where is the onslaught of public outcry? Where are all the investigations? Where are all the capitalists who advocate a free, open, government regulation-free marketplace hiding? Why aren't they yelling and screaming or are they the same as the executives and stockholders who have become even more rich by stealing money from unsuspecting trusting airfare purchasers?

Skybus and ATA execs took money under false pretenses; they knew they were not going to stay operational even as they continued to sell more and more tickets. Isn't that the same as theft and/or larceny by trick? Plain and simple: isn't that the same as stealing?

Skybus and ATA airline ececs should be prosecuted as individuals to the fullest extent possible permitted by law - AND MORE! They are as guilty as all hell. I say fine them, confiscate all their personal property and assets both liquid and fixed, throw their sorry asses into prison, and throw away the key!!!

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Ben said...

It s shame Skybus went under...I heard good things from everyone who had flown on the airline.