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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ohio: Lucas County Commissioners and Political Posturing

Give me a break! All the damn political posturing by the Lucas County Commissioners is nauseating.

Read the latest Blade newspaper article Konop skips event to attend one of his own.

A few excerpts from the article that especially caught my eye are the following:

“I cannot, in good conscience, pontificate on the State of the County to campaign contributors, recipients of no-bid contracts, and assorted politicians,” Mr.Konop said in a statement.
“So, I will forgo the State of the County and instead have an honest dialogue with working-class members of our community.”

Mr. Gerken didn’t mention Mr. Konop in his speech, but he did call for unity.
“We need to show that we can do the long haul. We need to stay together,” Mr. Gerken said. “Fighting with each other might boost political fortunes in the short-term, but it does not help in the long term.”
Mr. Gerken also defended the Lucas County Improvement Corp., a frequent target of Mr. Konop.

During her speech, Ms. Wozniak said she wanted to look at ways to restructure county government.
“Our form of county government is older than the airplane, older than the automobile, and older than the telephone,” she said. “We don’t fear change because we know that business as usual has not worked.”
She said she wanted the University of Toledo’s Urban Affairs Center to present options on how to change the county government.

My reaction to each of the above is: Cut the crap. Quit all the political posturing, all of you. Who are you each trying to fool by asserting you are not practicing the fine art of political posture?

Mr. Konop:
You raise some very valid concerns but going off and politicking through press releases and one-person media events is s-o-o-o transparent!
Some things never change. Remember this Roland Hansen Commentary?

Mr. Gerken:
Give me a break! That was a slap at Ben Konop if ever I saw one. And for you to defend the totally inept and ineffective LCIC that rips off us taxpayers in royal fashion. Hang your head in shame!
My thoughts on LCIC have been expressed before in this particular Roland Hansen Commentary and in this other Roland Hansen Commentary.

Ms. Wozniak:
Yeah, right, like I really believe you are willing to change Lucas County government! You have been involved in Lucas County politics and have been a Lucas County Commissioner for how long now???
If you are truly interested (or anyone else, for that matter) in reforming the structure of county government, read Change Lucas County, Ohio Government!

I am so sick and tired of the games and consistent lack of positive governance displayed by the Board of Commissioners of Lucas County!

And you know what?
The same goes to the Toledo City Council and to the Toledo City Board of Education.


Chili Dog said...

These are three worst commissioners we have ever had, and we have them all at the same time.

Roland Hansen said...

Both Pete Gerken and Tina Wozniak are up for re-election this November.
It is my understanding that Joe Pellman; 3762 Hill Ave., #178; Toledo; OH 43607 ran in the Republican primary election to contest Ms. Wozniak's seat this November. However. no Republican or independent candidate filed to run in the primary election to contest Mr. Gerken's seat in the November General Election.
That gives Pete Gerken a free ride to an uncontested election to a new 4-year term UNLESS some one files to run as a write-in candidate by September 3, 2008.