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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Pope; The Dalai Lama; The British Prime Minister; The South Korean President

Okay, so you read the title of this blog entry and are wondering what do these four have in common. I'll tell you. All four have just made historic visits to the United States at pretty much the same time.

An interesting obsevation was made over at The Adam Hansen Weblog in the entry There's something happening here that made me think and think again.

Amongst all the happenings of the four in their visits to the United States, the traditional mass media reported:
Pope Benedict XVI blessed the ground;
The Dalai Lama spoke of religion in Ann Arbor, Michigan;
Gordon Brown met with Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Hussein Obama;
Lee Myung-bak met with George W. Bush.

Oh! You want more news about their visits. If so, go visit the google search results for news about:
The Pope
The Dalai Lama
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak

So, what was it that caused me to think and think again?
I'll tell you in the form of a question.
Why is so much attention being given by the "Press" to Pope Benedict XVI and so little attention being given by the "Press" to the Dalai Lama, Gordon Brown, and Lee Myung-bak?

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