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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Edwards-Strickland Ticket

Okay, okay, okay! Enough already! I'm tired of the bickering about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
I read the Associated Press article Dems splitting Texas caucus delegates courtesy of Voting for the Democratic Party presidential nominee in Texas is complex, but it does tell a story that is reflective of the whole Clinton andObama race. The Texas Presidential primary process includes both the election and caucus methods. also has the story Clinton, Obama are splitting support in Texas caucuses.
The Texas results reflect the same type of results that have occurred in the various states across the country. Barack can win primary caucuses, but Hillary can win primary elections. While Barack Obama has won more states, those states tend to have smaller populations than
the states that Hillary Clinton has won. Hillary Clinton has tended to win the large population states that are generally needed to win election for President of the United States of America.
Some people have made a big brouhaha over Obama winning more states than Hillary, even though those have been small population states for the most part. Gee, I wonder if these same people are supportive or critical of the Electoral College process used in electing the President. On more than one occasion, the electoral college method has resulted in one candidate becoming President when that candidate has received more electoral college votes but the other candidate actually received more votes of the people. Does anyone remember George W. Bush vs. Al Gore?
John Edwards, the Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee in 2004, made a valiant effort in seeking the Democratic Party Presidential nomination this year but dropped out of the race when it became apparent that the media refused to give his candidacy anywhere near the coverage it was giving both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
The fact of the matter is that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have enough delegates to the Democratic Party National Convention that are necessary to secure the Democratic Party nomination for President.
Both Obama and Clinton have been courting John Edwards in attempting to receive his endorsement. Neither has been successful as of this date. I also read this article Edwards praises Obama, Clinton which tells a story in itself.
To those that have clamored for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race, I say I have another solution. Let both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton remain as Senators in the United States Senate.
The Democratic Party National Convention delegates should draft John Edwards to be the party nominee for President of the United States. John Edwards is the one for me. John Edwards knows the issues. And as for a running mate for John Edwards, I say draft Ted Strickland, Governor of the State of Ohio, a state that is necessary to win election in the Presidential contest.
Should the Roland Hansen Plan for a Democratic Party ticket of John Edwards and Ted Strickland be successful all the way to the election of President and Vice President, that would leave a vacancy in the position of Governor of the State of Ohio. That would fall into the very capable hands of Lieutenant Governor of Ohio Lee Fisher. I would really like that!
Gee, maybe Toledo, Ohio could get something out of this scenario. Do you think a Lee Fisher administration would make a spot for Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner?


Tim Higgins said...


We should probably be grateful that they don't allow guns in the polling places in Texas. That could make the debate even more lively.

As you rightly point out though, the party seems truly split on their candidate. I don't know about drafting, but I do believe that we won't hear the fat lady sing until Mr. Edwards and Mr. Gore have had their final say on the subject.

Judy said...

It's not over, until it's over! We need to let this run it's course. Don't stop them short before the finish line!

Judy said...

I also wanted to say how much I respect Lee Fisher and could see him help Ohio in any number of roles.

Ben said...

Judy, Lee Fisher is sure doing a bang up job in his second job as Ohio Director of Development, isnt he?

Ben said...

But I would agree with your comment that Democrats should let the process play out.

Roland Hansen said...

Maybe the Dems will just bowl over this whole thing.

Ben said...

Now that would make for some good tv

Roland Hansen said...

I remember an old TV show called Who Do You Trust?