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Monday, March 17, 2008

Toledo City Council: A Balancing Act

Well, it's that time again for the City of Toledo. The process of establishing and adapting a balanced budget is at hand. It seems to be a hard act, i.e. agreement amongst all of the Toledo City Council persons and the Mayor of Toledo. Heck, it's almost like a three-ring circus.
Not only is establishing the budget for the City of Toledo apparently a tough balancing act, but so is the allotment of time to other issues and concerns of the City of Toledo a balancing act. On top of that, there is also apparently a balancing act involved in allowing all Toledo City Council persons equal time and attention.
Rather than go through it all here on Roland Hansen Commentary, I suggest you take a look see at the entry of Lisa Renee Ward on Glass City Jungle entitled City Council and legislation concerns...
I, Roland Hansen, say to Toledo City Council and to the Mayor of Toledo:
"Balance the budget and balance the political games. Get on with the business at hand. Serve the citizens of Toledo and the community as you all promised to serve when you all campaigned for the positions to which you have been elected."


Lisa Renee said...

It should be really simple to keep most promises made, or at least a valiant attempt...

Tim Higgins said...


If this were the typical Republican vs Democrat fighting that we see on the state or national level, it would be bad enough. To see one party appearing to be unable to maintain order within its own ranks is a sad commentary on politics in Toledo

Roland Hansen said...

You are all so correct!!!!