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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

USA: Independence Day, July 4, The Fourth of July, Freedom.

Today is July 4th and it is the celebration of Independence Day, aka The Fourth of July, in the United States of Americe.

This is America's annual celebration of freedom. I am reminded of an entry on my Roland's Ramblings blog that I wrote back on May, 26, 2012 entitled Freedom. Rather than linking to it, I am reproducing it in its entirity here on Roland Hansen Commentary as follows:
When the symbol of freedom becomes more important than freedom itself, then we have no freedom.- Roland Louis Hansen
The question "What is the importance of freedom?" was posted on the political science pages of eNotes. Click here to read the responses.
In the United States of America, our flag is the world's symbol of freedom; and, symbols of freedom are taught to 1st grade children.
Freedom is a valued aspect of American democracy; and, yet many Americans want to limit the freedom of other people, especially when they place a higher value on the symbol of freedom, such as the Flag of the United States or the Pledge of Allegiance, than they place on freedom itself. Read what Ron Gibbons wrote in Letter: A symbol of freedom not more important than freedom itself.
You might find it interesting to read what American children write about freedom. Click on over to American Freedom Essay Contest, Student Winners, and from there you may follow the embedded links to read the actual essays.
Now, how about going on over to read:
Freedom quotes from, "You think, therefore You exist."
Freedom Quotes courtesy of
Quotations about Freedom from The Quote Garden.

I am also reminded of another previous blog entry I made back on July 3, 2014. Please take a look see at:
The Fourth Of July, Independence Day, and Richard J. Hansen

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