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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

John Boehner is a Bonehead!

One of my more politically conservative friends wrote the following on Facebook:
"(name redacted) .... is thinking that now that John Boehner has been re-elected as Speaker of the House, that he should take a fact finding trip to France. The fact to find: which will surrender first ..."

To which I responded:
"John Boehner - All American and a True Representative of The People ... ??? !!!"
Politico: John Boehner Told Harry Reid To Go F*** Himself

to which my friend responded:
"@ Roland - after some of the recent statement Harry has made about his counterpart 'in the spirit of compromise', one might consider such behavior 'restrained'. The only thing worse than a poor loser is a worse winner."

to which I responded:
"With all due respect (name redacted), regardless of political party affiliation or 'what the other guy said', there is NO EXCUSE for such behavior by a 'leader' or a 'representative' in an elected position of government.
My (other) friend (name redacted) wrote the following on his Facebook wall:
'As a former chief negotiator for a union, I have been in some of the most contentious negotiations one could imagine including some difficult and bitter strikes. During my 30 years years, my adversarial counterparts have never told me to f myself and I never said this across the table. And we had some difficult discussions and fierce arguments. There is no need for this gutter behavior. This guy Boehner, the leader of the United States House of Representatives is a disgrace to our nation. The term statesman is no longer in the vocabulary.' "

to which my friend responded:
"When I hear equal castigation of Harry Reid for his remarks (which to date, I have heard from no one) I will accept condemnation of Boehner. I'm not trying to justify the use of such language, which is far too prevalent in all situations these days; but what one said was on the floor of the Senate and for the record, what the other said was in relative privacy and overheard by the media. Besides which, I doubt that we have all the information here about what's gone on behind closed doors.
I too have sat in Union negotiations over the years, and I have had those very words thrown in my direction when discussion got heated and left fact for emotion."

to which I responded:
"Well, (name redacted), it appears that you and I have two different perspectives on assessing John Boehner's behavior. Rather than getting into a "he said this, he said that" style discussion and rather than getting into a strawman discourse, I will simply repeat my self with "there is NO EXCUSE for such behavior by a "leader" or a "representative" in an elected position of government."

That's it. There was no more.
It is my opinion that:


But wait! There is more.

Bonehead has been re-elected by his own political party to another term as Speaker of the House. Yes, the Republican Party majority in the United States House of Representatives believes that Bonehead John Boehner (aka "the Boner") has all the leadership and personal qualifications of negotiation, conciliation, problem solving, and communication skills to be the Speaker of the lower chamber of Congress and for the American people.

And all that even though "The Boner" Bonehead John Boener does not even treat Republican members of the House with respect or gives the GOP House members sufficient opportunity for dialogue.
As an example, I suggest that you click on over to read the two following articles:
John Boehner Yelled At Frank LoBiondo Over Sandy Aid
The Republican Identity Crisis

Keep in mind that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is third in succession to the Presidency and becomes President of the United States of American should both the President and the Vice President be unable to serve either through death or disability.

John Boehner is no more fitting to serve as Speaker of the House than is Al Bundy.


Chili Dog said...

It is amazing how far the party of Reagan has fallen, that this is our guy; the best we can do.

CWMartin said...

I will agree that perhaps he disrespected his own office as well as Harry's with the comment. On the other hand, he does represent a constituency who would have dearly loved to have done the same thing, so you can stretch it- if you like- to say he was indeed doing his job. If you have a third hand available, I'd submit that that sort of thing likely happens all the time and no reporter was around to catch it. And if I may be a bit whimsical, I wonder how many times Nancy Pelosi has been called a (female dog) to her face in Washington.

But I will agree, tentativly with you; I do think Boehner is a bit of a bonehead. Keep in mind, though, he is the reasonably undisputed leader of a deeply fractured party with no clear plan for the future- and as such is doing several high wire acts at once.

dalepertcheck said...

It seems as though Boehner is feeling the pressure of being in a position which he had coveted for some time. Often when one achieves a high office one finds it to be a much more pressure filled job than one expected. Essentially, there is a lot to admire about the manner in which Boehner achieved success, rising from the depths of poverty through unstoppable drive. With all of the obstacles he overcame, with all of the pressures which he faced as a company president, nothing comes close to the pressures of making decisions which affect the well-being of 300 million Americans. I think that Boehner simply cracked under the pressure of the job, and can't bring himself to admit that this extremely prestigious job is too much for him to handle. When under this enormous pressure, his common roots come out in his most inappropriate use of gutteral language. How sad for him. How sad for the Republican Party. How sad for the nation.