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Friday, January 18, 2013

National Rifle Association: The NRA is Full of Idiots

The NRA (National Rifle Association) wants to put guns in schools. I kid you not. Dumbass NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre gave the speech proposing the lamest excuse of an idea for putting our children within in the scope of gun sights.

Here, listen to the idiot President of National Rifle Association David Keene introduction and the speech given by the other crazy idiot Wayne LaPierre for yourself:

As reported in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
, NRA President David Keene has been quoted as stating, "The real question that needs to be addressed is not what we do about guns, but what we do to make our schools safer."

Prior to President Barack Obama unveiling sweeping proposed measures to help reduce gun violence in America, the National Rifle Association went on the offensive. See and hear for yourself by clicking to NRA Unleashes The Hounds As Gun Control Fight Gets Real brought to you by Talking Points Memo (TPM).

Then, after President Barack Obama made his announcement of proposed measures to help prevent gun violence, the National Rifle Association accused the President of "attacking firearms and ignoring children." Click over to read the Christina Wilkie Huffington Post article along with its embedded videos, NRA Slams Obama Gun Control Proposal.

Now I respectfully request that you click on over to read Judy Hansen Commentary, The Lives They Lived..............

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CWMartin said...

Surprisingly, I have to go with You and der prez on this one. He's wanting to get trained SROs in the schools, armed SROs, which is a lot better than a bunch of teachers firing willy-nilly at PTA visitors. One of the four or five of his 23 I thought was a good idea.