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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas. Bah, Humbug!

People who know me are aware that I follow the Jewish religion. Consequently, I do not observe or celebrate Christmas. I was raised by my mother in a single-parent household. My mother, who had fled Eastern Europe as a young girl, raised me in the religion of her birth and upbringing, i.e. Judaism. While I examined many, many other religions during my adolescent years and in my early college years, I chose to maintain my Judaism throughout all the years right up to this very day.

None-the-less, I do have a Christmas connection.

My paternal lineage is Danish; and, the paternal side of my family followed Lutheranism. My father and paternal grandparents did celebrate Christmas. I did attend paternal family Christmas Eve gatherings in the home of my grandparents as a very young child and later on as a young adult in the home of my father until his death in 1984. I have seven siblings, and not all have followed the Jewish religion as I do; in fact, several of them and their immediate families follow various Christian denominations, observing and celebrating the Christian holidays, Christmas included.

So, while I proudly profess my Judaism and cling preciously to my Jewish identity, I also recognize and appreciate the spirit of Christmas. In keeping with that perspective, I wish the very best to all my goyishe friends, especially to my four dearest internet friends in the blogosphere who incidentally are not only of different religious faiths than me but also are of very different political beliefs than me. I am making reference to Chris, mi amigo Tim, CW, and Dave the authors of:
Chili Dog Blog
Just Blowing Smoke
Tilting at Windmills
Hooda Thunkit's Therapy Blog (now defunct)
To these four very special persons, I write a shout-out of:
Merry CHRISTmas, my friends. I love you each like the brothers you have become to me.

And to everyone else, I say:

Oh, alright, in the further spirit of Christmas, please click onto the following embedded link for my final reference to Bah, Humbug!


CWMartin said...

The sentiments are VERY apreciated. Here's to a happy holiday season for you and yours!

Timothy W Higgins said...

The best of each and every holiday to you mi Amigo, and a Happy New Year as well ...