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Monday, June 14, 2010

Republican Women Smarter Than Republican Men

From what I have been reading and from that of which I have been listening, it appears to me that maybe, just maybe, Republican women might very well be smarter than Republican men.

I mean, come on, it's in the news. Is it not?

The granddaughter of POTUS George 41 (Republican) and the daughter of POTUS George 43 (Republican) 28-year-old Barbara Bush has proclaimed her support of Obamacare; and, her mother, Laura Bush, wife of George 43, has proclaimed her support of the Supreme Court nominee of POTUS BHO (Democrat). Laura Bush has also voiced her support of gay marriage and of the rights of women to seek and secure abortions.

These positions run counter to that of both Georges and of the political planks contained within the political platforms of the Republican Party on the issues.

If you think I do not know that of which I speak when it comes to these women, I suggest you move that little computer mouse of yours and click onto the following:
->Barbara Bush, daughter of George W, supports President Obama’s health care reform efforts (video)
->Bush's Daughter Barbara Glad Obama's Health Care Reforms Passed
->Laura Bush: pro abortion and gay marriage
->Bush women run afoul of GOP orthodoxy

A question keeps bouncing around in my pea-brained head:
Are these Bush women Republicans, Democrats, or what?

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