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Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas and The Rabbi. Never Again!

Although I do not share her perspective and while I do not agree with her, I do assert that Helen Thomas is entitled to her opinion.

However, I also say: "Thank goodness the Rabbi caught her statements on video tape."

You may ask: "Who is Helen Thomas?"
You may ask: "Who is the Rabbi?"

Let your computer mouse do the walking and clicking to learn the answers.

You may read about Helen Thomas here.
You may read about Rabbi David Nesenoff over here.

Head over this-a-way and you may watch and listen to the YouTube video:
Helen Thomas on Israel.

And one more recommended read for you from me is the blog entry from Rabbi Jason Miller:
The Rabbi Who Took Down Helen Thomas.

My own final word on the matter:
Never Again!


Roland Hansen said...

In the days since the Helen Thpmas statements were caught on tape, Rabbi Nesenoff has received tens of thousands of anti- Semitic hate-filled email messages. To view a sampling of some of the messages, click here. CAUTION: You will encounter vulgarities along with the hate words.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious to me that either Helen Thomas has hidden an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic bias for a half century or more, or she is suffering from a form of dementia. Her comments are nonsensical on their face.

Jews should "return" to Germany or Poland where they were systematically slaughtered by the millions? Does she not remember, or has she forgotten, that the original Jewish diaspora away from the Holy Land was not a matter of choice, but was forced upon the Jewish people by the Roman Empire?

By this same logic, how many Americans should "return" to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the other areas of the world from which they or their ancestors came? Shouldn't we all leave both North and South America to the Native Americans who were here for several thousands of years before our progenitors came to overwhelm the native peoples?