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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dave Schulz: Toledo Politico Aspirant

Earlier this week, I had the occasion to be on the Facebook page of my Toledo City Council district representative Lindsay Webb. It was on Wednesday, June 2, 2010, that she posed a very good question to which quite a few people responded with comments, included politico aspirant Dave Schulz, a former candidate to Toledo City Council, and me.

Here, I'll tell you what, instead of trying to accurately summarize what transpired between Dave Schulz and me, I'll just put a 'copy and paste' of our dialogue following this paragraph. Please note that I have placed only the original question and the comments between Dave Schulz and me. I have omitted all other comments as they are not relevant to this entry of Roland Hansen Commentary.
Lindsay Webb
So, on refuse collection: is anyone else out there upset about the Administration's proposal to limit unlimited pick up?
Wednesday at 9:39am

Dave Schulz
I am fine with the limit. I have done 3 this year mostly due to a renovation project. All in all they were good about it. You can always work with a neighor on overflow you might have from time to time. I do have an issue with the recycling portion. I am single and an avid recycler since the beginning. I have a large can and it takes me 6-8 weeks to fill it up. I could just work around that by putting it out more frequently.
Wednesday at 10:01am

Roland Hansen
You know me - I always hold back on my opinions; because, I do not wish to offend anyone. But seeing how you asked: I am mad as hell with this administration and the whole thing about garbage. It's all a bunch of trash! We Toledo voters of yesteryear approved the city income tax on the promise that it would be used for garbage pick up and disposal, and that it would pay for the construction of a municipal garbage incinerator. The incinerator was never built but at least we got no-fee garbage collection. Later, an increase in the income tax was a result of the promise for unlimited garbage collection. The original broken promise has escalated into an imposed garbage tax and now a proposal to impose a limit on collection. I am not opposed to taxes or user fees; I am just sick and tired of being deceived. Liars have no place in public service!
Wednesday at 1:57pm

Dave Schulz
It's overly simplistic to say that a promise has been broken because the tax revenue based on current demoraphics only pay for police and fire. Times change and we have to adapt to the changes and slowly but surely the right-sizing of government and its labor costs will take place.
Wednesday at 2:32pm

Roland Hansen
That is a BullSh** response and you know it. I agree times change, but there is an open and honest way to make the necessary adjustments, and then there is your way.
Wednesday at 4:26pm

Dave Schulz
Our elected officials have been telling us for awhile now that the current tax doesn't support the "promised" services....that's no BS lol. You can quibble about how they have handled the refuse tax but we all have to make adjustments, including the payroll and benefits structure of our employeess. What should be more outrageious is that alot of the "cuts" this year were just punted down the road to be paid next year and we will be in the same cycle again.....
Wednesday at 7:55pm

Roland Hansen
Well, Dave Schulz,
The fact that you have totally sidestepped the last sentence of my first comment in which I firmly stated "I am not opposed to taxes or user fees; I am just sick and tired of being deceived. Liars have no place in public service!" does not surprise me. You are, after all, a wanna-be politician.
I will put my credentials up against yours, any day.
Now, let us stop discussing our differences on Lindsay's facebook thread. It is not the purpose of the thread, nor is it our place to do so.
Sorry Lindsay, but he started it: no, I started it; no, he started it; no, .... Bye. No more from me on this message thread.
Wednesday at 9:34pm

Dave Schulz
Good bye!!!!
Thursday at 7:55am
Okay, so I went to the Facebook page of Dave Schulz and hit the "Add as Friend" icon button. I figure, I have many friends, both in real life and on the internet, with whom I have had some exciting, political disagreements and we remain friends. It makes for stimulating discussions. Now, here it is already a few days later. I see that Dave Schulz has made some comments on the "walls" of mutual "Facebook friends." Consequently, I know that he has gone onto Facebook since I sent my request to add me as a friend on Facebook, but all I have gotten thus far is the Facebook message: "Dave Schulz * Awaiting friend confirmation."

I am anxiously awaiting the decision of Dave Schulz to either add me or to deny my request. I hope he adds me. He may find that while I may be argumentative and abrasive and that while I may fly off the handle (can you believe that some folks have labeled me a loose cannon!) that I really can contribute to good political debate (of course, that is just my own unbiased opinion of me - LOL). I may be old; I may be washed-up; I may be a has-been; but, I ain't dead yet.

Meanwhile, you may wish to take a look at:
Dave Schulz on MySpace
Dave Schulz on Facebook


Chili Dog said...

I continue to be amazed at what people in this city will swallow. Hold the line on this one, Roland. I am right behind you.

Roland Hansen said...

Well, here it is now, August 21, 2010. It has been quite some time since I went to the Facebook page of Dave Schulz and hit the "Add as Friend" icon button.

I am still awaiting the decision of Dave Schulz to either add me or to deny my request. All I get since I sent my request to Dave Schulz is the Facebook message: "Dave Schulz * Awaiting friend confirmation."

How can any aspiring wanna-be elected official be so arrogant to potential constituents?