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Monday, January 5, 2009

Roland Burris: Guilty By Association

The scandals continue and the American people have spoken! Enough is enough. The American citizenry will have no more of the shenanigans from any elected official, any governmental official, any politician, or any nominee for governmental position. Keep those bums from holding any and all positions of public trust!

The wise political leaders of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate led by Harry Reid are right there with the apparent prevailing sentiment of the American public. No more corrupt people are to be allowed to hold public office. Harry Reid has made it clear that it is his and the Democrat majority’s belief that Roland Burris should not be seated in the U.S. Senate. Why? Because he is guilty of having received the appointment from that crook – Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. That makes Roland Burris, a former Attorney General of the State of Illinois, tainted and makes him guilty by association with Blagojevich.

You’ve heard about Governor Blagojevich; he is the guy who has been accused of offering to sell the appointment to the Senate seat vacated by the election of U.S. Senator Barack Obama to President of the United States. President-elect Obama has called upon Blagojevich to resign as Governor of Illinois. Blagojevich has refused to resign and the Illinois state legislature is considering impeachment of the Governor. Meanwhile, Blagojevich, who is still legally the Governor and who has the legal authority and responsibility of performing the duties of Governor, has named Roland Burris as the person to replace Obama in the United States Senate. However, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has refused to certify the appointment of Burris. Apparently, Jesse White believes he has the authority to negate the legal actions of the Governor.

Oh! Don’t tell me that you haven’t heard. Governor Rod Blagojevich has not been indicted for any illegal activity, let alone be tried and convicted of a crime. Nor has there been any allegations of illegal activities or improprieties of any kind made against Roland Burris.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Senate Democrats, the Illinois legislature, and Jesse White have all fallen in line with what appears to be a popular belief held by many Americans. Of course, if these elected officials wish to stay in power and have the support of the public, they need to reflect the views of the public.

It appears to me that the popular belief, i.e. the prevailing sentiment held by the general American public, is that persons accused of crimes are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Ancillary to that premise is the tangential spin-off effect that anyone associated with the accused is also guilty by association. Therefore, the accused and those associated with the accused are to be punished until they have proven their innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt. Ergo, Blagojevich should resign and the appointment of Burris should not be allowed.

Apparently, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has demonstrated that he has learned that prevailing sentiment very well. Richardson is under investigation in regards to a New Mexico state contract being awarded to donors to his political campaign organization. Consequently, even though Richardson has not been indicted, tried, or convicted of any wrongdoing, he has withdrawn himself for consideration of United States Senate confirmation of appointment by Barack Obama for United States Secretary of Commerce.

Yes, indeed. The American people and political leaders are very wise. Guilty until proven innocent, guilt by association, it’s the American Way! --- NOT!!!

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would think of all this.


Hooda Thunkit said...

the founding fathers would be churning in their graves.

But not just about this most recent aberration, that ground has been churning since the mid 1960's. . .

Roland Hansen said...

The most recent news about Roland Burris and the U.S. Senate seat as of this moment may be found here.