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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel and Gaza: A No Win Situation

And the saga continues.

From Liberal Common Sense, you may read "Israel kills and wounds more civilians, nothing will happen."

From Writes Likes She Talks, you may read "Gaza and Israel."

Each blog also has additional entries on the same subject as well as links to other blogs and web sites on the subject.

I suggest you explore and read them. Then, judge for yourself as to whom is the winner and whom is loser.

It seems to me as if it is a no win situation, as it has been for 60+ years.
Or maybe, I should make that a couple or three or four thousand years.

p.s. Who or Whom?


Jill said...

Hi Roland, thanks for linking to my post - which by the way includes a link to Lisa Renee's post. :)

I'm with you - the losers far outnumber winners - the only win is for their to be agreement that all the populations have a right to exist. For me, that is the main sticking point - I've been asking and no one's been answering: so the killing stops and the blockade ends - then what? Then what? What does Hamas WANT? Does anyone ever talk about that?

If they are, I haven't read it or seen it. But I fail to see how anything ever improves until Hamas articulates honestly what it wants and the world and the Palestinians - Christian Arabs too everyone should realize are getting a very raw deal under Hamas - they're basically gone from Gaza due to persecution - come to grips with those articulated goals.

So far - the Arab League won't even ask or announce what these Hamas goals are - because in part they know and they do not agree.

Of course Hamas' desires do not equate with civilian deaths - hello. But that is what they want people to see and think about - rather than what it is that Hamas is actually desiring - whatever that may be.

Hooda Thunkit said...


As I see it, this is the result of hatred that is thousands of years in the making.

So much so that probably nobody knows what the original argument was about.

Seriously, just like the Hatfields and the McCoys they all need a massive case of amnesia and start over..., for real.

That said, good fences make good neighbors.

(But they'll probably still be fighting in another six thousand years.)

Sighhhhhhhhh. . .

Roland Hansen said...

Jill, you're most entirely welcome. Yes, I knew that your posting contained a link to the post of Lisa Renee. However, in that it's tone differed in approach from yours, I wanted to give it a spot of it's own in my entry.
Incidentally, Jill, the sentiments you express seem to reflect my own sentiments

Hooda, I suspect your prediction is probably on 'target' although I wish everyone everywhere could live in peaceful harmonic coexistence with love toward their fellow humans - and possibly in six thousand or less years toward other intelligent beings from other planets, as well.

Tim Higgins said...


I once heard the reason for the constant struggle in the Middle East defined as: "It's hot there and there is very little water." While I am sure that it's more complicated than that, both politically and religiously, there it is.

As has been stated, the winners outnumber the losers. The truth is that the only winners are those that survive. I only wish that I was wise enough to provide more of an answer, and persuasive enough to be able to move those now fighting.

Roland Hansen said...

Read Moral Clarity in Gaza by Charles Krauthammer.