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Monday, December 1, 2008

OCD and BO: President-elect Barack Obama

I do not allude to this type of OCD as you may read in that embedded link.
Nor, do I allude to this type of B.O. as you may read in that embedded link.
Rather I make reference to what I consider Obama Cultural Diversity and have named OCD. That is how I feel about the appointments that President-elect Barack Obama (B.O.) is making as part of his administrative team. What an inclusionary group, thus far. How refreshing!
Now, let's see how it progresses.
I can only hope that he picks Ohio Governor Ted Strickland for a position in the Obama Administration. Then, I will get the Ohio Governor Lee Fisher that I so desire.


Judy said...

Move over Mr.Monk, there's another man with a different OCD!

Tim Higgins said...


As a man riddled with OCD, ADHD, and BFD, I am likewise intrigued by some of the choices. I too hope for Gov Strickland to get the call, but only in the hopes that it will encourage him to move on.