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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Help Wanted: City of Toledo Mayor; Toledo City Council

Some time ago, I made a futile attempt to stir up the interest of Toledoans in seeking good candidates for Mayor of Toledo. I did so on an interactive web site that is billed as a "site dedicated to breaking news and political discussion of Toledo and Northwest Ohio." Apparently the majority of folks using that site are, for the most part, just moaners and groaners who get their jollies by making moronic comments rather than substantive contributions to political dilogue. Hey, don't take my word for it, click and read the message thread Toledo Mayor in 2009.
That SwampBubbles web site along with another site called Toledo Talk, both of which I had been a frequent participant, became pretty well useless as far as I am concerned in that many people possting there were trolling flamers who just made stupid and snide or belittling comments while remaining behind a cloak of anonymity. Consequently, I stopped visiting those two sites and ceased being a participant. Unfortunately, pretty much the same type of thing has transpired with a very popular Toledo political blog in which I had also been an active participant. Now-a-days, I pretty much just stay away from making comments on that site, as well.
All this is just a lead-in to the entry I am making below.

Roland Hansen Commentary is now seeking applications from candidates for the position of Mayor of Toledo and for the position of at-large representative to Toledo City Council.

Persons who are interested in being candidates for these positions may apply online within this help wanted posting simply by responding in the comments section below.

If you are interested in any of these positions and if you have a website that you would like to have featured on Roland Hansen Commentary with a link to that website, just let me know. As a previous candidate for elective office, I know all too well how difficult it is to receive media exposure.

For purposes of full disclosure, you should be aware that I reserve the right to comment on any candidate and may indeed endorse and promote candidates whom I favor.

Now then, are there any takers?


Hooda Thunkit said...

Best of luck in your search for new candidates.

As long as "The Blah" stands at the ready to give everyone an extensive anal exam, except for their favored puppets, Toledo's fate is to remain a one-horse backwater.

After all, if you fail to make the pilgrimage to kiss JRB's err, "ring" and swear to do his bidding, "The Blah" will relentlessly dig up every shred of, or rumor of dirt and replay it endlessly.

And, that's how it is in JRB's little world.

Tim Higgins said...


Personally I think it more likely to discover Atlantis or the Holy Grail, but I have been wrong (frequently) before.

I think tha HT makes a valid point on the Blade's tainted influence, once that I hope can be countered byt the TBT folks.

There has to be someone out there, even if he (or she) needs to be dragged kicking and screaming.

Roland Hansen said...

Apparently, potential candidates are shying away from Roland Hansen Commentary.
Politicians tend to avoid placing themselves in a noncontrolled environment. That usually happens when a politician does not feel in complete control.
I believe Toledo politicos do not wish to undergo my scrutiny or commentary.
So much for responsiveness.

Tim Higgins said...


All I can say is, "no guts, not glory."

shanesmiff said...

I'm from here but haven't lived here for about fifteen years. I was wondering if you, being someone internal in the politics, could give us a list of the most major problems Toledo faces. Ignorance of the issues is what I think would prevent most people from submitting their names. Working class just doesn't have the time or resources to find all of the needed info. Some guidance would probably go a long way.

Roland Hansen said...

Actually shanesmith, the problems that confront Toledo are no different than those of any other American city. It's not unusual for each community to think taht its problems are unique from those of other communities when indeed they are all pretty much similar.

The major factors that pose the biggest obstacles to problem resolution, in my opinion, are an uninformed apathetic general public coupled with the negative naysayers who always seem to tear down our elected officials and fail to put themselves up for public service, and those folks who sit back and complain while putting forth no real active concerted effort to correct what they perceive to be problems.

As my own resume and background information indicate, I have tried throughout my adult life to be a proactive, contributing citizen. My extensive life experiences lead me to the generalized observation that a very small minority of the population truly get involved in our communities in active cotributing ways.

On an average, generally speaking, approximately half of the voting age public is registered to vote, of those numbers about half or less than half even vote. That means approximately 25% of the voting-age public turn out to vote and many of those people do not vote for every elective position or issue. The bottom line then is that in a one-on-one race or in a yes-or-no issue, 12.5%+1vote of the entire votig age population decides the outcome.