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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blame the Messenger: Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Me?

Those who know me know that I do not care much for forwarded e-mails, but every now and again something peeks my interest.

Recently, I received a political cartoon about the Israel, Gaza, Palestine conflict which I in return played messenger by forwarding it to several people who I thought would also find it interesting. Of course, I sent it with my e-mail account that uses my name. Why not? After all, I am not one to hide behind anonymity and I accept responsibilty for my actions and my words.

Apparently, several people did find that political cartoon to be interesting, as well as controversial. I have received a several e-mails in return regarding that cartoon with a variety of responses running pro, con, and in-between.

Heck, my messenger status even made it over into Liberal Common Sense with the entry I don't think this defines "honesty" by a long shot...

If you go over to that entry by Lisa Renee, you will be able to see the cartoon itself along with some interesting commentary. And so the saga continues........

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