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Monday, September 29, 2008

John R. Bender, Ohio Board of Education Member: MIA

Some time back I wrote the Roland Hansen Commentary Who and where is John R. Bender? in which amongst other things I stated, "I find it unsettling that Mr. Bender is an elected official who seems to be invisible."

There was an entry the other day in my wife's blog, Judy's Jewels, The Blog of Judy Hansen, in which she wrote of the Dedication Ceremony and Community Open House for The New Penta Career Center. Established in 1965, Penta was the first multi-county vocational school in Ohio. Serving students from a five county region and sixteen school districts, the new three-story facility sits on 150 acres and consists of 522,000 square feet with a maximum capacity of 2,000 students in grades 10 through 12. Of course, Judy and I were at the auspicious event.

There were a lot of dignitaries and elected officials at the official dedication ceremony, but the absence of one specific elected official stuck out like a sore thumb.

I reference Judy's entry now for you to read not just her original posting but also for the third comment that was made on that entry by Judy herself in which she informs us that our elected State Board of Education Member from the Second District, Mr. John R. Bender, was ABSENT. Take a look-see and read Penta - A Bold New Beginning.

As I stated and asked before in my aforementioned Roland Hansen Commentary, I do so again:

I find it unsettling that neither the public nor the mass media seem to care that an elected school board member appears to ignore his constituency.
Just what is John Bender doing for education in the State of Ohio? Where is the public outcry, especially from those people who claim they are interested in our public school districts?
To whom is John R. Bender responsible? Where is the accountability?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin: Religion in Politics

Should religion be a factor in the 2008 Presidential campaign? Do the religious beliefs of Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin make a difference to you one way or another in your determination of whom to elect as President of the United States of America? Well, apparently it does to some.

Today's Roland Hansen Commentary contains a "guest opinion" providing some "food for thought" in that the religious views of Sarah Palin are brought into question.

"A candidate's personal religious beliefs generally are not of public concern, but when those views could potentially motivate the candidate to take actions that would be contrary to the national interest, the public has a right to know what that person believes."

That is just one sentence in the Opinion - Editorial: A heartbeat away.

With all the attention that has been given to Barack Obama and his religion, I cannot help but wondwr why the same scrutiny hasn't been applied to Sarah Palin.

I wonder how many people even pay attention to the question of the role played by Sarah Palin's religious beliefs in the performance of her duties as an elected official, past, present, and future.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Garbage: Toledo, Ohio

Right up front: The garbage of this Roland Hansen Commentary is really a rant about garbage in Toledo; more specifically, it's a rant about the garbage collectors in Toledo, by which I mean the employees who actually do the collection of refuse for the City of Toledo Division of Solid Waste.

First off, let me say: I am very appreciative of the "garbage collectors" and the work performed by garbage collectors. Garbage collection and disposal is a hard and dirty job; and, garbage workers work hard.

(As an aside: Have you ever watched Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel with host Mike Rowe?)

, some of these garbage collectors are totally careless and their actions demonstrate a total disregard for public safety and total disrespect of people and their private property. For years, I have been silent about this out of respect for the hard-working, conscientious employees of the Solid Waste Division who I believe really are in the majority of employees; but, I remain silent no more!

How many times while driving down the street have you and I had to dodge garbage cans rolling around in the street after having been thrown purposely into the street by a careless garbage collector? This is a public safety issue; is it not?

This morning, once again, I saw, as I have seen on other occasions, the gargage collector throw my garbage can down on the street. Do you know how many garbage cans I have had to purchase because of the careless mistreatment by these city employees. It's not only my property with which this happens; it's a whole lot of other people's cans that receive the same mishandling and results in many a damaged-beyond-use gargage cans. Where is the respect of property? How would those specific garbage collectors feel if I went to their homes and purposely broke their personal possessions?

In regards to the reckless garbage collectors:
I say FIRE THEM. Dismiss them. Discharge them. Let them go. And do so for just cause. That way, the thoughtless, careless, disrespecting garbage collector will not be able to collect unemployment benefits. After all, it's not as though these poor-performing employees do such things by mistake or by accident. They do so with total disregard and lack of concern!

To all the other City of Toledo Division of Solid Waste employees who conscientiously work so hard at a job many others will not take, I say "Thank you very much" and I sincerely mean that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Taxing My Patience!

Once again, elections are around the corner.

This year, we get to vote for the "electors" to the Electoral College that actually elects the President of the United States of America. We also get to cast our ballots for our choice to represent us in the United States Congress.

In Ohio, we get to vote for our choice of representatives to the State Legislature, a myriad of state-wide issues including a really dumb idea (click to read about it), and a special election to fill the unexpired term for Ohio Attorney General.

At the county level in Ohio, there are all kinds of elections for county offices, judgeships, issues, bonds, and levies.

With the presidential campaigns overshadowing all else, the traditional mass media, meaning television, radio, and newspapers, have failed miserably to provide coverage of anything other than McCain and Palin, or Obama, and Biden. This lack of journalistic coverage truly taxes my patience.

That lack of press coverage on all elections aside, there is another subject I find taxing my patience; but rather than rambling on about it myself, I suggest you head over to read Hooda Thunkit's Therapy Blog: “It's NOT a new tax; it's no new money...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama and Big Brother

The 2008 campaign for President of the United States of America has had coverage all over the television screens and on computer monitors everywhere, no matter where you may be.

Something I read recently on another blog regarding Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama triggered a thought in my mind about 1984. For a flash, I even thought of a current popular reality television show.

Rather than adding my own less-than-two-cents worth, I suggest you read the very interesting Liberal Common Sense entry Obama Thought Police? and then tell me if it doesn't remind you of Big Brother.

Not this Big Brother, but this Big Brother.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

COP Out. It's Number 134


Hey Mister, do you have a dime?

Read what Ohio political bloggers are about nowadays.
Read the latest COP that just came out.
Read Carnival of Ohio Politics #134

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain and Obama on the Issues

Enough mud-slinging already! AND, all this nonsense about lipstick, pigs, old fish, a pregnant daughter, and what-all has got to stop!

The Presidential campaign smears by both the Republicans and the Democrats are all over the map and the issues have taken a back seat.

So, just where do the the two major political party candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, stand on the issues? Look here for a brief side-by-side comparison overview.

Whether you think political polls are useful or not, they can be interesting. There has even been a poll (or two or three) about which candidate Europeans would rather see elected as President of the United States of America. Interesting stuff. Read the report on one of those polls over this-a-way.

And, what about the other candidates for the Presidency? Again, the traditional mass media has focused on only the Republican Party and Democratic Party nominees, ignoring all others, failing to provide coverage of all candidates for the highest office in the land. Take a look at the ProCon web page 2008 Election to read about all of the 2008 US Presidential candidates and learn their views and perspectives on 65 issues. That site which professes Read our simple, nonpartisan, pro-con presentation and decide for yourself: "Which candidate would make the best President?" will at least provide you with more information than is being provided by the traditional print and broadcast media.

As usual, American television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and such continue their sad and sorry track record of abrogating their moral and professional responsibility in bringing us full coverage of the news in an unbiased manner. By telling the American public only that which the traditional media outlets choose to tell us, the traditional media sets the agenda for what people talk about; and, consequently it is the traditional mass media of "the Press" that shapes public opinion.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Death is no laughing matter!

"There is continuous debates in the world of religion, philosophy, and politics about when human life begins. The various perspectives on that topic even affect many Americans’ decisions in the election of the President of the United States of America.

There has also been debate about death, even to the point that answers have been sought in the courts of the United States as to when a person may be declared dead. Death is a serious topic that almost everyone avoids as a topic conversation."

The above is an excerpt from a Roland's Rambling posting. You may read the entire Life and Death entry over here. Click it; go ahead; I know you're dying to.

Some people use humor in their feeble attempts to deal with the very serious topic of death. But, I am of the opinion that death is no laughing matter. Apparently, other people think differently. Some have such a sick sense of humor that I find it repulsive to the core. My thoughts in that regard include a sickening profanic obscene schtik from a now-deceased comedian who some people admired for some unfathomable reason.

View that so-called comedy routine on this embedded YouTube spot and tell me what you think. I think it is CRAP ladened with totally unnecessary profanities and has a total disregard for the sanctity of life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

USA Presidential Election and the Jewish Vote

I happened to be reading the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Online when I came across an article that addressed how Democrats and Republicans are courting the Jewish vote in this year's Presidential election with a twist. Previous presidential campaigns have courted the Jewish vote based on the candidate for President. The 2008 Presidential election campaigns are apparently attempting to garner the Jewish vote and support based on the Vice Presidential nominees, Joe Biden (D) and Sarah Palin (R), rather than the nominees for President, Barack Obama (D) and John McCain (R). To get the information on this first hand, go over to read VP picks cast as bad for Jews by Ron Kampeas, JTA News & Features.

Not to be satisfied with just this teaser of an article on the subject of Republicans and Democrats going after the Jewish vote, a simple web search got me to the websites of the Republican Jewish Coalition and of the National Jewish Democratic Council. Looking over those websites is a real eye-opening, eye-popping experience. Who to believe - who to believe?? Oy vey ist mir!

To be honest, I never realized there was such a strong push by the two major American political parties for the support of the Jewish American electorate, especially given the fact that the U.S. Jewish Population is only 2.2% of the total American population. I cannot help but wonder about the reasoning for this. Now then, what is a Jewish African American with a Spanish surname to do?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Public Education and Knowledge or the Lack Thereof

As it is with many people, public education is one of my interests. I greatly appreciate the positive and constructive contributions that are made by many people on behalf of public education here in the United States of America. On the other hand, I am also very concerned about the apparent lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of many Americans in the area of public education.

Many Americans tend to believe that the "federal" government is responsible for the provision of primary and secondary public education; however, that belief is incorrect. As the MSN Encarta article "Public Education in the United States points out, the primary responsibility for the provision of public education In the United States of America lies not with the national government but with the individual state governments and individual school districts."
(April 27, 2010 update
NOTE: I have removed the previously embedded link to the cited MSN Encarta article, because upon clicking it I received this message: "The MSN Encarta page you are trying to visit has been discontinued. If you are looking for dictionary content, please visit MSN Encarta Dictionary in US English, World English, or French." - BUMMER!!!)
I am constantly amazed at the number of people who are not aware that the United States Government is not responsible for the American public education system, and that so many people mistakenly hold to the belief that somehow the President of the United States is responsible for public education and can do something about it in our country.

Oftentimes, I come across people who do not realize that the educational system varies from state to state. That's amazing. Okay, the fact is that many people are unaware of the system, period.

What I find even most amazing is the number of people who do not even understand their own local public education system. For example, many people who live in the City of Toledo think that all schools in the city are part of the Toledo city public school system. Well, I got news for them. There is more than one school system in the City of Toledo. While I live in the City of Toledo, I do not live in the Toledo Public School District; I live in the Washington Local School District. Incidentally, there are more than just two school districts that have jurisdictional boundaries that come within the City of Toledo. Usually, those same people who do not understand the fact that there is more than one school system in Toledo also do not understand the difference in the roles and responsibilities of City of Toledo Government and Lucas County Government.

Gee, I wonder how many people who live in Lucas County, especially those who think they are an informed electorate, know that there are eleven (11) school districts that lie within Lucas County. They are:
Anthony Wayne Local School District
Evergreen Local School District
Maumee City School District
Ottawa Hills Village School District
Oregon City School District
Otsego Local School District
Springfield Local School District
Swanton Local School District
Sylvania City School District
Toledo City School District
Washington Local School District

Go on over here to see the school district maps with their boundaries.

I sure wish the many people who make misinformed and ill-informed opinionated comments about public schools would do their homework and learn the facts about the system of American public education before they open mouth and insert foot. If more people would take the time to understand the role, responsibilities, funding and finances, and the limitations of our present American public education system, then perhaps we might be able to really make the improvements and changes that are necessary in our schools to bring them in line with the century in which we currently live.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jack Ford: Holding Toledo Public Schools Accountable For ALL Students

I read the Blade article Toledo Public Schools aiming to reduce disciplinary absences with great interest.

In my opinion, far too many people, educators and the general public alike, have the mistaken belief that children who pose challenges to the institution of public education should just be tossed aside and that our schools should be left for exclusive use by "good" kids. These folks seem to conveniently forget that public education in the United States of America is for ALL children. That's ALL, as in all-inclusive, as in every single child, as opposed to exclusive, as in only the kids that 'toe the line' and create no problems to the system.

Education is a process. With education, all things are possible. Education can also take a 'bad' kid and turn that child around. I speak from experience. I was one of those 'bad' kids who posed significant challenges of the disciplinary kind in school all the way from first grade through my senior year in high school. If it were not for the concern, the understanding, the kindness, the guidance, and the mentorship of some very dedicated professionals in the public education system, I likely would have wound up with my picture on the wall of the post office. Instead, I went on to the University and made a career in the public service.

I applaud the renewed efforts of Toledo Public Schools in attempting to reach all of the children, all of the students, including those who have been labeled (the spelling "labelled" is also acceptable) as "discipline problems" or "behaviorally challenged" as some would say.

For some reason, a 'gut feeling' if you will, I doubt the TPS administration would be making these new efforts on its own without the urging of Toledo School Board Member and former Toledo Mayor and former Ohio State Representative, Jack Ford. Therefore, I especially applaud Jack Ford.

You GO, Jack!