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Friday, December 2, 2016

Put CHRIST back in Christmas

Here we are in the year 2016; and, The War on Christmas has begun once again!

As a person of the Jewish religion, I am so frustrated by the deluge of people offended by the greeting Happy Holidays" who clamor all over the place with the battle cry "Put CHRIST back in Christmas."

Why does this controversial non-controversy happen each and every year?

The religious holiday (as in HOLY day) of Christmas is observed by Christians, not non-Christians. A Christian may observe Chanukah without violating his or her own Christian belief; but, a Jewish person cannot observe Christmas without violating his or her own Jewish belief.

I am aware of many people who are prejudiced, racist, anti-LGBT, xenophobic that are extremely assertive that Americans need to "Put CHRIST back in Christmas." To them, I put forth the following meme:

The truly religious and observant Christian has always put CHRIST in Christmas! Christ has never been removed from Christmas.

So, what does the phrase "Put CHRIST back in Christmas" really mean? For the answer to that question, I implore you to read the article as embedded within its title:
What Do We Mean By 'Putting Christ Back in Christmas'?
By Phillip Larsen 12-05-2013
That all being said, I now wish to shout out:
To all my Christian friends, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Judy said...

I love this time of year, I get to use my Hawaiian greeting of Mele Kalikimaka!