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Saturday, March 5, 2016

I like Bernie Sanders.

PREFACE: More often than not, I try to give a bit of thought to the wording I use in my entries to Roland Hansen Commentary. This one is one of the exceptions in which I have just written what came to mind as I placed fingers to the keyboard.
I am tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I am tired of big business thriving on the sweat of low paid workers. I am tired of supplementing private business enterprises with my tax dollars. I am tired of corporate welfare. I am tired of multi-millionaires paying zero income taxes.I am tired of the USA fighting wars on behalf of despots. I am tired of having to fight for adequate health care all the while the health care industry and the insurance industry are profiting by withholding needed medical care and exorbitant premiums, deductibles, and co pays. I am tired of prescription drugs in the USA being more expensive than those exact same meds in Canada. I am tired of breathing polluted air because big industry wants to take shortcuts in order to enhance their profit margin. I am tired of the military - industrial complex disregarding basic human rights. I am tired of the oligarchy that permeates our political and social structure. And, there is so much more.

All that brings me to making the statement:

I like Bernie Sanders. 
Now that I have expressed my initial thoughts, I continue on with a more thought out, not so spur of the moment writing.
For those who wonder what brought this about, I am sick and tired of the same ol' same ol' in American politics. The political games that have played out over the past four American Presidential terms have been disgusting. However, the debacle that has been occurring over the past several months in the American political scene as it relates to the various candidates seeking to become the next President of The United States of America are absolutely disgusting and deplorable.

FYI: Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Vermont. He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

In my humble opinion, every candidate seeking to become the next President of the United States, except for, Bernie Sanders is of questionable character. Special interest groups representing narrow self-interests are pushing each of the contestants. Again, IMHO, only Bernie Sanders, who has been called The Populist Prophet, stands out as a champion for the average person.

If you have an inquisitive mind about how Bernie Sanders stands on issues, I suggest you read and explore the following:
2016 Presidential Candidates, Bernie Sanders On the issues

There are a couple Twiitter accounts for Bernie Sanders.
  • One is: Bernie Sanders @SenSanders, Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history. Tweets ending in -B are from Bernie, and all others are from a staffer.
  • And the other is: Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders, Join our campaign for president at . Tweets by staff.

And, there is also a Bernie Sanders YouTube Channel.

So, now that I wrote all that, and included some very useful embedded links, I might add, --- Does anyone care to know how I truly feel?

I like Bernie Sanders.


CWMartin said...

See, this is where ( and the only place where) Sanders and Trump are alike. They are the candidate of the "sick and tired" of their parties. And yet, both establishments are having trouble grasping the concept that people are indeed sick and tired. Instead they have Romney (and whoever may pass for him on the other side) tell a bunch of pissed off people that they are being stupid. And, Lord, what a plan that is!

Roland Hansen said...

That is a very keen observation, CW Martin. Very astute of you to catch the apparent similarity. And, your opined comment is very well taken. From across the aisle, I thank you.