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Friday, March 11, 2016

Is Donald Trump an Advocate of Violence and Lawlessness?

Here are some excerpts from an article I read online:
"It is a sad, sad commentary on the state of political affairs that, after Donald Trump's answer to questions about violence at his campaign events, reasonable people in both parties had reason to be afraid."
"This was the actual employment of language and logic used to justify cross-burnings, lynchings and all manner of illegal, extra-judicial and inhumane behavior in U.S. history. This is what has been said to support attempted genocides, ethnic expulsions and some of the most shameful political acts around the globe. This is the actual route by which bigotry has, in the course of human history, become accepted practice and policy. This is the way that entire groups have been terrorized, demonized and oppressed."
"Trump's racially charged, primitively coded answers to Tapper's questions amount to a strong Exhibit A. The unmistakable frequency with which black and Latino protesters at Trump events are singled out for violent or at least certainly hands-on attacks and rally removals are Exhibits B-Z. Consider the evidence with care."
"Trump said more than once during the debate that his voters are driven by love."
Over the years that I have been blogging, I have learned that it is not uncommon for some web sites or some web pages to which I have linked to have been removed by the originating source or for the link itself to no longer work. Indeed, many news sources seem to remove their stories after some time has passed. That being stated, I wish to direct you to the following embedded link to read the entire story from which I copied and pasted the above excerpts, Incidentally, the article also contains some very good video. I hope this article and my link to it continue to function long after I publish this Roland Hansen Commentary. Okay, here is the story (embedded within its title) from The Washington Post you really should read:

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CWMartin said...

Last night, he answered a direct question on whether he thought he encouraged this sort of violence. He said, "I don't Know... I hope not." This was after he was quoted from a previous rally wishing he could punch a protester in the face like the old days. Still, a 78-year old man should have better sense than doing that kind of thing.

I just spent about an hour arguing with former Congressman Mark Sauder that It isn't enough to stop Trump, and you can't do it in any event by attacking him on character issues. First, Trump is a symptom, just like Bernie is, and until establishment figures on both sides start repairing the damage caused by ignoring their constituents once they get to DC, another Trump can and will arise if you put this one down. And if the idea is to turn people from Trump, all calling him on his character will do is make those followers reject "corrupt politicians just trying to destroy him". You have to beat Trump with Issues, and Cruz and Rubio are learning that, albeit perhaps too late.

But the problems that created him- disconnect with government, polarization, gridlock- until you find solutions for them, and PRESENT them, ALL politicians are damned by association. And Trumps will flourish.

And don't expect the media to help- Dana Bash proved that when she did everything but slam Trump and Cruz's heads together to start a fight that they refused (amazingly) to bite on. All her stupidity did was make Trump look like a voice of reason- a hard task for sure.

Thankfully I can come here and discuss things we agree AND disagree on. All I got from Sauder was "Don't defend Trump on my personal page", which I didn't come close to doing. He's so terrified by Trump becoming our Hitler, he wasn't interested in even having the way he expressed it questioned. And I know for sure you can tell me "go to hell" in a lot fewer words than he did, lol!