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Monday, November 3, 2014

Twitter. Bill Lucas. Buckeye. BuckeyeCable. Buckeye CableSystem.

I really do not need to write much here on Roland Hansen Commentary regarding the CRAP of Buckeye CableSystem in Toledo, Ohio.

Really. All you need do is to go over to read the Bill Lucas Twitter feed on the subject of Buckeye CableSystem where you may also read my comments.

More over here.

Remember my 'Hello Peggy' Roland Hansen Commentary about Buckeye CableSystem?

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CWMartin said...

Hmmm.... I just had something similar to that happen when I visited a friend's blog just a minute or two ago. Of course, it had a girl in a bikini selling something, so there is that, but I left in a huff nevertheless. It does surprise me though, that their marketing dept. has to be notified that something very much like a spam attack might not be appealing.