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Saturday, November 22, 2014

USPS. United States Postal Service. Going Postal with the Post Office Misfeasance.

Back in January 2003, I bought a second home in the Southwest part of the USA (metropolitan Phoenix Arizona area) that is approximately 2000 miles away from my main residence in Northwest Ohio (Toledo, Ohio). Since that time, I have spent most of the winter months in my second home in a climate where the winter weather is sunny and warm as opposed to the cold, snowy weather in the climate of my primary residence.

At first, I had no problems with the United States Postal Service with the forwarding and the delivery of my mail. As a matter of fact, the Post Office did a fantastic job. Indeed, for many, many, many years, I had always proclaimed that the United States Postal Service was the greatest in the world, that the U.S. Post Office was a fine-tuned, efficient organization with excellent service.

Then, things changed! Now, for the past several years or so, I have had an annual problem with getting correct delivery of my mail from the United States Post Service. I have tried over the years to alleviate problems with the delivery of my mail by several means, such as making change of addresses with the senders of my mail, making change of addresses with the Post Office in person and by electronic means that the USPS had suggested, not making any change of address but having others check my mail at my main residence, etc. Over the past few years, both my wife and I have spoken with USPS officials by telephone and in person.

Last year, I made no change of address, but it was such a hassle to keep informed on the mail being delivered to my primary residence that I tried the temporary change of address to my secondary address with the U.S. Post Office again this year. Well, guess what!!!


I am royally UPSET to no end.
I JUST NOW (today) received an e-mail from my brother, Daryl, who has lived with my wife, Judy, and me in our primary residence since September 2009. Daryl informed me that the Post Office in Toledo, Ohio stopped forwarding my USPS mail from Toledo to my winter Mesa, Arizona home as of November 8 --- TWO WEEKS AGO!!! The Post Office was given a temporary change of address back at the end of October that was supposed to be good for 6 months. Not only did the Post Office stop forwarding my mail, but they stopped delivering it to my Toledo address, as well; Daryl wrote me in the e-mail that the Post Office now has all mail for Judy and me on hold.

Here is what Daryl wrote me:
"Mail Man Just informed me that for what ever reason the mail forwarding stop November 8th, and will have to be re-done again by you to forward what they have Now on hold - So They said you'll have to fill out on line or how ever you wish to do it but to do another mail forwarding request.So Far they have Mail on hold until you do the change again. Why This happens he's not sure."

I wish I had known about the problem two weeks ago. I have no idea why I had not been informed of any problems. Why was I not called? Why did the carrier in either of my two locations not check with my wife or me? Why does the Post Office think it has the power to hold my mail and not deliver it?? I am totally disgusted. Anger is not a strong enough word to express what I am feeling. At least I am lucky that I got the e-mail about this -- heck, I do not have internet access at my second house; all I have is internet access at the public library and at wi-fi hot spots. What am I to do if there is crucially important mail sitting at the Toledo Post Office???

Stroke, move over; heart attack, here I come!!!

Why is the United States Postal Service so inept?
Why is the United States Postal Service so incompetent?
Why is the misfeasance of the United States Postal Service allowed to continue?

I do believe that I have aptly entitled this Roland Hansen Commentary:
USPS. United States Postal Service. Going Postal with the Post Office Misfeasance.


CWMartin said...

"Why is the United States Postal Service so inept?"

This is 2014. Any large grouping of people in this world, due to educational laxisaiance, outright selfishness, and general apathy, will rise to the ineptness of the member of that group with the lowest Peter Principle threshold.

Better to send out notices to important mailers where you will be from which dates and hope for the best. Of course, the idiots will find you no matter what you do.

Roland Hansen said...

Thanks, Chris.
The Peter Principle is so prevalent in so many places. It has become so commonplace as to become the standard in management everywhere today.
I am aghast at the P.O. Indeed, I am p.o'd at the P.O.
Your suggestion of notifying important mailers is well-taken and has been followed through.

Roland Hansen said...

Yesterday, I went to the USPS website and to the page of "managemymove" in order to view and/or correct (if needed) the address information that The Post Ofice has on me. I entered the information correctly (that was contained in a letter I had received at my winter address around November 1) as requested and here is the response I got:
"Sorry, there was a problem processing your information.
Your order cannot be accessed with the login information provided. Please check that you have entered it correctly. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for Change of Address orders to become available in this system. If you are sure that the information is correct and it has been at least 72 hours since you submitted your order, you can contact 1-800-ASK-USPS for further assistance."

This morning, at a personal visit to my local AZ P.O., I was told the problem would have to be taken care of by my local Ohio P.O., and that putting in a new change of address form would only complicate matters further.

Consequently, my wife, Judy, made a telephone call to our local OH P.O. As it turned out, according to that telephone conversation, the problem arose from some incompetent employee at the Detroit Post Office who put a "can not be forwarded" sticker on one piece of mail that triggered a domino effect on all my mail.

It is unbelievable all the hoops that had to be jumped through before this could be cleared up -- at least, I think it has be cleared up, so I have been told. I will know in a few days --- when and if my forwarded mail is received!!!!

Roland Hansen said...

It is now 8 days after the Toledo Post Office said my mail would be forwarded that same day AND still no mail has been received. Another telephone call to the Toledo Post Office resulted with being informed "give it a few more days" but no answer to the question what happens if after a few more days and there is still no forwarded mail received.