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Monday, September 8, 2014

Timothy W Higgins Just Blowing Smoke on Toledo, Ohio Water

The following sentence is the watered down version of what I originally thought of writing:
Mi Amigo Tim Higgins has written a little piece about the Toledo, Ohio "water crisis" experience of this past summer.
ref: re: water crisis:
* The Blade, COLLINS’ TAKE ON EMERGENCY, Mayor says water crisis is similar to 9/11, Both were wake-up calls, led to second-guessing, BY TOM TROY BLADE POLITICS WRITER, Published: Tuesday, 8/19/2014.
* FOOD & WATER WATCH >; BLOG >; BLOGS > The Toledo Water Crisis Won’t Be the Last, By Elizabeth Nussbaume, August 18th, 2014
Aw, shucks! Go on over to read:
Just Blowing Smoke... TFP Column (not): Water Water Everywhere

Is Timothy all wet or is the City of Toledo, Ohio throwing the baby out with the bath water? Is this a wash job? Who is wet behind the ears? Who is all washed up --- Tim Higgins or Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins or Toledo City Councilwoman Lindsay Webb or the City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities (aka The Water Department)???

Oh, and by the way, I wrote a little something myself a few years back about the City of Toledo and its opprobrious Water Department. Read it for yourself:
Toledo, Garbage, Water.

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Judy said...

Oh Tim, Oh Roland, The water issue is not over for sure! Sometime,the water coming down the pipe or pike will puke green gobs of nasty green algal bloom goo!