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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fred LeFebvre of WSPD 1370 AM Radio is Alive, Well, and Kicking!

Fred LeFebvre of WSPD 1370 AM Radio is alive, well, and still kicking me around!

What? You don't believe me?
Well, I can give you the link to a Facebook status update of Sashem Brey in which Fred LeFebvre stated in reply to Judy of Judy's Jewels "yep still here Judy, still on air, still being followed around by stalkers like Roland."
Read it for yourself over here in that Facebook message thread.

Over on the website of SwampBubbles back on September 20, 2011, I asked this question, WHO IS FRED LEFEBVRE, ANYWAY?
What an interesting message thread that turned out to be!
I encourage you to click on the preceding embedded link contained in the posed question to read all the comments there for yourself.

Oh, well! As long as Fred LeFebvre, Talk Show Host at WSPD-AM in Toledo, Ohio, wants to proclaim I am stalking him, I will humor him by publishing this Roland Hansen Commentary to join the growing list of other entries here on Roland Hansen Commentary about Fred LeFebvre.


wolfman said...

Roland don't take all the credit. Fred has many fans out there. Here's a recent interesting exchange between Fred, AnonymousCoward and the Wolfman AKA Mrindependent

wolfman said...

Dennis Schaffer back in Toledo competing with Fred Lefebvre for Toledo morning radio ratings.