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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Fraud Being Perpetuated By The Republican Party On The American Public.

I am providing a few direct quotes from a very interesting article that I recently read online.

  • The GOP is working desperately to deny the right to vote to citizens it doesn’t like. You know, poor people, black people, Hispanic people, old people, female people, .....
  • The right-wingers on the U.S. Supreme Court last year gave Republicans a hand in this effort by striking down key protections in the Voting Rights Act. Joining them this month were three Republican judges on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • When their hands are pressed on a Bible in court, Republican experts admit they’ve got no evidence of the in-person voter fraud that the GOP claims these laws are intended to prevent.
  • In Texas, the expert called to testify by Republicans supporting the law admitted when cross-examined that he was unaware of a single case of in-person voter fraud there. In Wisconsin, Republican officials acknowledged in depositions that they could not produce one example of in-person voter fraud in the entire state history.
Everyone has their own subjective opinion and puts their own spin on the topic of voter fraud in the United States of America. Me? I, myself, prefer to deal with fact. While the article to which I make reference contains opinions, it also contains verifiable, indisputable, objective facts. Read the entire article for yourself! Just go on over to:

*NOTE: GOP = The Republican Party

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CWMartin said...

Fact: Legal IDs aren't that hard to come by if you have nothing to hide. And that's about all you need to be legally registered. Opinion: The only fraud here is the democratic need to stamp out voter ID so their supporters can continue to vote six times and the dead can rise on election day in Chicago and Milwaukee.