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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ohio Charter Schools and Snake Oil

I read something over on Twitter that brought snake oil and the concept of the snake oil sales pitch to my mind when thinking of charter schools, especially those in Ohio.

The following words within the quotation marks are what I had read on my Twitter feed (the other words I have added on my own):
Private nongovernment "charter" community "schools use key words to entice families away from" chartered traditional "public schools."

I added the wording that I did because all primary and secondary schools in Ohio are required to be chartered, be they traditional public schools operated by public school districts with elected school board members, or be they private schools, or be they private parochial schools, or be they nonprofit or for-profit community schools.

Read the article in the following embedded link:
Charter school operators use key words to entice families away from public schools, by Ashley Morris and Brittany Landsberger,
Attribution: Ohio School Boards
Incidentally, if you look at my background information (as embedded), you will see that I have served on both a public school board and a community school board.

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Roland Hansen said...

For some more interesting reading, I suggest you go on over to the article "Public Schools Outperform Private Schools, Book Says" by Holly Yettick, in the publication Education Week.