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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Do you really matter? What about your family? Who are your real friends?

How many people can relate to the the following photo meme statement about when one person really matters to another person?

Here is a quote to consider - and you may use it with others, if you so choose:
“Friends always have time for friends. Busy friends make time for friends. Regardless of how busy a person may be, a true friend is never too busy for another friend.” – Roland Louis Hansen

I have previously written on several occasions my thoughts on the overall subject of family, friends, and friendship. For example, if you click on the following embedded link, you will be able to read the blog entry "Real Friends" over on my other blog, Roland's Ramblings, at the end of which, you will find an embedded link that will open another browser providing you with every Roland’s Ramblings blog entry I have written that mentions the word “friends” – and if you are of a mind to do so, you may read whichever of them you so choose – or not.

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