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Friday, July 26, 2013

Adam Hansen Turns 40: It's About Clean Water

Please take a look at what I found on the net:
charity: water Public Service Announcements
Water changes everything.
Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It's a crisis because it only starts with water -- but water affects everything in life.
Health. Education. Food security. The lives of women, especially.
We can end the water crisis in our lifetime. But first we have to let everyone know it's happening. Learn how water changes everything -- and share this with everyone you know.

imagine if New York City's taps went dry. What would we do? Jennifer Connelly walks to Central Park to get dirty water for her family as millions of mothers in Africa do every day. This new PSA from charity: water was directed by Hotel Rwanda's Terry George, cinematography by Ellen Kuras. Music by Rumor Mill. Edited by Michael Rothman @ Mudbutter.
All involved DONATED their time. Its national commercial debut was on American Idol Gives Back on April 9 where it was seen by more than 20 million people in America.
Want to act? Just $20 can give one person access to a clean and safe drinking water project.

This whole thing about clean water and was brought to my attention by my son, Adam. You see, Adam will be celebrating his 40th birthday soon; and, he decided to celebrate his special birthday in a very special way that would help the cause of clean water for everyone.

Imagine not having clean drinking water. Well, for nearly 800 million people, that is the reality. Help me help my son, Adam, celebrate his birthday by helping to quench thirst throughout the world. PLEASE, click onto the embedded link below for a special message from Adam.



Chili Dog said...

Hope it's ok to link this.

Roland Hansen said...

Chili Dog,
Thank you so very, very much.
It is not only okay to link this, I absolutely, positively, strongly encourage linking to it. The more people who link to it, the better the chances are that my son of whom I am very proud, my first born, Adam Hansen, will realize his special birthday wish of doing his part in helping to provide clean drinking water to those throughout the world who otherwise would not have access to uncontaminated water.