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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hollywood Casino Toledo Is Irresponsible!

I took a look at and explored the web pages of Hollywood Casino Toledo. Having done so, I am disturbed and angered about a promotion on the Hollywood Casino Toledo "PROMOTIONS" page.

Not only is Hollywood Casino Toledo promoting itself, but Hollywood Casino Toledo is advocating that people lie to their employers by calling in sick when not sick, encouraging people to defraud employers in the cases where there is PTO (paid time off) for sick employees, and advocating that the work ethic be replaced with gambling!!!!

Here, read for yourself. I am placing below a copy and paste job of the (offending, in my opinion) Hollywood Casino Toledo promotion.
WINNING BEATS WORKING Friday, August 31st ★ 9am - 5pm Take a sick day because winning sure beats working! Just play with your Marquee Rewards card at your favorite slot machine and you could be our winner. If you are selected as one of our winners we’ll locate you at your seat and upload $100 FREE SLOT PLAY directly to your account.
It is totally and completely irresponsible for Hollywood Casino Toledo to do this. Shame on them. They promote themselves, discourge honest work, and lower community standards in all one fell swoop.


Chili Dog said...

Do I sense sarcasm?

CWMartin said...

I sure HOPE its sarcasm. I'd hate to think ANYONE would be surprised at that.