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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Mitt Romney

People are talking about Mitt Romney. What I am reading about what they are saying has got me thinking about Mitt Romney.

To read the message that got me wondering about Mitt Romney, just click over here.

There is more to all this than meets the eye. Read the article NBC's Taibbi Highlights Mitt Romney's Polygamist Ancestor and 'Controversial' Mormon Faith by Kyle Drennen, January 10, 2012, as it appears on  NewsBusters, which describes itself as "a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias."

What about Mitt Romney's missionary work and his place in history as it relates to the Viet Nam War? Well, I found an interesting story about all that over this-a-way.

And what of Romney's position on China? Well, go on over to read an insightful article about this from Reuters.

USA Today has an eye-opening article about Mitt Romney, investments, banks, and taxes. For some enlightenment on this very interesting Romney approach, go on over to read this.

All this Romney stuff should make you think, I know it made me think. Food for thought. What do you think?


CWMartin said...

What do I think? I still think he beats a guy who treats the constitution as if it were toilet paper, who invokes exec privaledge to keep the nation's top lawyer from telling the truth about Fast and Furious (I'd dearly love to see what the money links up to there), and thinks its okay to have Black Panthers at voting booths to keep whitey from voting against him. I still think he beats a guy who refuses to enforce the law because it would send thousands of prospective democrats to Mexico, is agaianst showing ID at the voting booth because it might keep hundreds of dead democrats from voting, and is perfectly all right with freedom of religion as long as it includes Churches having to pay for crap that goes against their faith for people who aren't of their faith because they had to be hired because its not nice to discriminate. I still think he's betterthan a guy who thinks that an Israel at 1948 borders is a viable state, who can't wait to make deals with Vladimir Putin, and apologizes to the world for things we have no business apologizing for. That's what I think.

dalepertcheck said...

Mr. Martin -- First of all, I don't know you at all. Your "comment" appears to me to be a right-wing diatribe against President Obama; a purposeful combination of innuendos, half truths, and outright lies. I'll limit myself to two examples.

Illegal aliens cannot vote. They don't want to try to vote illegally because that would make them more conspicuous, duh!

Since none of the supporters of Ohio's voter ID laws have been able to point to any widespread illegal voting, such laws are unnecessary. These laws were passed to lower voter participation, period. How else does one explain one part of the law that admonishes poll workers to NOT inform a potential voter of the correct polling place if that potential voter goes to the wrong location? Is there any doubt which political party would win on the national stage if we could ever approach the 80% voter participation rate that France had in its recent Presidential elections? This is clearly politics at its worst. Conservatives will do anything to limit voter participation!

CWMartin said...

Dale,Obama has expressed his desire to circumvent both congress and the constitution. Not innuendo, fact. Allowing Holder to slide on this Fast and Furious deal, not half-truth, fact. Not having the DOJ investigate the Black Panthers' tampering, not lie, fact. Allowing illegals to get drivers licences in motor-voter states and then pandering to the Latino community, fact. If Ohio is trying to undermine voting through THEIR law, that's OHIO'S job to stand up to, but the fact is that there is no good reason to not require ID at voting booths to prevent the abuses often seen in Chicago (not accidentally where Obama sprang from). And yes, I believe YOU would be the one surprised by the lack of love for socialism if we hit 80% at the booth.

dalepertcheck said...

Mr. Martin -- In other words, you ignore facts which do not support your false claims. I get it.

CWMartin said...

No, Dale, I just choose not to be a sheep behind a carnival huckster like Obama. I don't get facts from BTW, have you donated youe birthday gift to the Obamaeventregistry yet? What a worm!

Roland Hansen said...

Read this story:
Mitt Romney Made Over $25 Million In Foreign Income While Governing, Campaigning.