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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Modern American Morality

The Roland Hansen Commentary that I last wrote back on January 12, 2012 was entitled It's About Female Breasts, Freedom and Equality in which I had hoped to point out the hypocrisy of American mores.

I also made that same entry over on my other blog, Roland's Ramblings. I write more frequently on that blog than I do on this blog of mine. Today, I noticed an unconscious trend I was following with recent entries over on Roland's Ramblings.

It seems as though I have been giving much thought lately about hypocrisy and modern American morality. Consequently, in an anthology bringing it all together, I decided to place embedded links to three of those Roland's Ramblings entries in this Roland Hansen Commentary to supplement the previous aforementioned It's About Female Breasts, Freedom and Equality.

Yes, indeed, Americans have their own form of morality, especially on issues such as:
Marriage, Sex, and God.

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